Peeps Marshmallow Bandit Identified as Monika Jones

Monday 06 April 18034 Shares

Peeps Marshmallow Bandit Identified as Monika Jones

A recent string of Peeps Marshmallow candy from local supermarkets including Target and Walmart in the New Jersey area has led authorities to whom they believe is behind the strange thefts. Monika Jones, a Probation Officer from Florence New Jersey has been seen in or around the time of when all the robberies have taken place.

Close friends and family members who has opted to remain anonymous, tells News 13 that Monika has an obsession for Marshmallow Peeps and can often be seen during the holidays expressing her love for the small gooey colorful candy.

Police are actively searching for Monika for questioning, they believe she may be hiding possibly trying to dump evidence.

The public is urged to steer clear as Monika is armed with Peeps and have threaten to use gooey force if approached.