Woman arrested in connection with puppy theft from Maryland store

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Woman arrested in connection with puppy theft from Maryland store

ORLANDO, Fla. - A woman was arrested today in connection with the theft of a puppy from an Maryland pet store.

It's not known what charges Heaven Perry faces. No further information has been released.

The Yorkie was found earlier Today after a woman called authorities and said she placed the puppy in a dumpster. The dog is in good condition.

The owners of the Puppy Stop on 45th East Ave in Orlando said the $1,300 Yorkie that was stolen from the store Tuesday .

Video shows a woman taking the puppy and trying to put it in her bag inside the store. The owner, Charles Glass, said that's when the woman walked out.

Glass said they noticed the dog was gone during a routine check. When they looked back at the video, they spotted a women leaving with the dog.

The video shows the Heaven walk around the different cribs. Then she appears to talk to the owner as he's mopping the floor. Then proceeds to grabs the Yorkie, takes a sip of her drink, then takes off.

"I was more worried about them slipping on the floor at the time than them getting a dog, but, you know, when our guards are down, our cameras are still rolling," said Glass.

The cameras caught the women from several angles, including one that shows a distinct tattoo on one woman's left shoulder.

"You know, when you steal a dog, you're going to pay for full price for it when we catch you," warned Glass.

This isn't the first time The Puppy Stop has been hit. Cameras were rolling back in 2013 when a man stuffed an $800 pug down his pants, went to his car, then returned for a miniature dachshund.

"And thanks to you guys, about a year and a half, two years ago, we did catch the people who took our two dogs and we'll catch you, too," said Glass.

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