TRUMP MARRIAGE is on the Tarmac

Wednesday 26 February 81016 Shares

TRUMP MARRIAGE is on the Tarmac

The first lady arrived in West Palm Beach yesterday evening on a military version of a Boeing 757. Minutes later, her husband touched down in Air Force One.

That’s right, they took “his and hers” planes to their private beach club. Because, hey, why not? They already live in separate homes, sleep in separate beds, and keep separate bathrooms. Why not fly in separate planes, as well?

The cost of Melania taking her own plane to the same location as her husband? $15,846 taxpayer dollars per hour. Which came out to be around $100,000.

What the first couple is doing at Mar-a-Lago this weekend is anyone’s guess. An aid to Melania was reported to have spilled the beans , that she has been in contact with attorneys in advance of filling for divorce. Donald has not yet confirmed his Easter plans, though rumor has it he won’t be attending the annual Easter Egg Roll, a 138-year White House tradition. It’s also unclear if Melania will be at the party, despite being the host of the event.

so i guess there's an Airforce One and a Divorce one. stay tuned for the loony tunes. Only Satire can Explain this.