Golden Retriever Lands 737

Wednesday 01 April 43925 Shares

Golden Retriever Lands 737

Macy, a 10 year old Golden Retriever, managed to successfully land an Alaskan 737 at PDX (Portland, OR) yesterday afternoon.

Susan Calley was in seat 22A with her Therapy Dog Macy on a flight from LAX (LA) when the plane went into a shallow dive.

"I was watching la la land and suddenly felt weightless" she told KGW News upon landing.

"Suddenly Macy ran up straight up into first class and disappeared behind the curtain."

Ms. Calley only later learned both pilots had suffered food poisoning and could not fly the aircraft. Fortunately, a Doctor was seated in first class and was currently treating both pilots, thereby leaving the cockpit door open. "I guess she was paying attention when I was on my flight simulator at home" speculated Ms. Calley. But without opposable thumbs (Continued on page 17)