A Surprising Way To Keep Fir No Parent Would Approve Of

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A Surprising Way To Keep Fir No Parent Would Approve Of

A surprising revelation has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine with a confirmation from other medical organizations; such as the American Chemical Society, Royal Society of Chemistry, and World Health Organization. "A confirmation from other medical societies has rarely ever happened and has not happened while I've need working here but seemed necessary" said Dr. Rutherford Hayes. Continuing "[we] needed to because many view this area as a 'danger zone' for children and will try to find any hole in the science but it is all as accurate as it can be and without a doubt in my mind, true."

The topic of debate is upon masturbation, to put things bluntly. Many scientists have concluded to believe that masturbation is a healthy daily routine and is a great form of exercise. Yes, the thing parents have told will make us blind and so on, and so on. They found multiple medical benefits such as reducing the risk of prostate and testicular cancer. Along side it will increase your metabolism, assist hair growth, produce more white blood cells (in return helps fighting off diseases), and decrease the risk of alzheimer's.

Then there are the physical benefits of "pleasuring yourself." The hormones that build up in your body while in the act of masturbating help in increasing blood flow and your heart rate. This leads to something similar to that of aerobic exercises. And depending on your pace, 10 minutes of masturbating could equal 15 minutes of jogging.

Though all the medical benefits researched and proven by many medical organizations this news is yet to hit the mainstream media due to the controversy and perhaps the state of political discourse in our country. The medical benefits of this study will help and could possibly save numerous lives. But for now at least teenage boys have an excuse saying they are doing it for medical purposes. But good luck convincing parents to scientists and teenagers alike.