The Plague Has Carrollton Under Quarantine

Tuesday 25 February 14032 Shares

The Plague Has Carrollton Under Quarantine

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a level 2 travel alert for Carroll County. “No vaccine is available to prevent plague. But travelers can take steps to prevent plague, and plague can be prevented with antibiotics,” the CDC said.

Travelers to Carrollton should stay away from sick or dead animals and keep their distance from sick people, especially people who are coughing.

“Travelers who have had close contact with people with plague should immediately notify a health care provider. They may need to take antibiotics to prevent plague,” the CDC added.

Parents are urged to keep sick children out of school tomorrow. "Our only concern is for the children that are still healthy" remarked School Superintendent David Quattrochi, "the sick ones, no comment".

Reporter: Malcome Holcomb