True Love when you don't expect it! Selena Gomez with Timothy Beelen its official

Wednesday 01 April 85529 Shares

True Love when you don't expect it!  Selena Gomez with Timothy Beelen its official

Is true love in the air between Disney's Princess and a hard working dad with 2 kids. Can there be a wedding date in the future. How did a hard working class dad meet his Beauty? I interviewed Tim to get some answers. he said "it was on a celebrity dating site. It was instant chemistry right from the start. Serena is the one that message me first. So I thought to myself take a chance Beelan couldn't do any better than your ex. So I messaged her back to my surprise it took her only a few days to answer back. we officially went on a first date when she had some free time from acting and performing. I think the date went great because after the date was over she ask for a kiss goodnight. I would never forget that kiss it was like a Hallmark moment if you asked her I'm sure she'll agree. We have going out for 5 months now. I am so lucky to have her in my life she is my rock. She has been there for me to help me recover from the accident. Through the sleepless nights. I promise her I keep it secret until the time was right." A few days later I interviewed Miss Gomez. "she agreed they did meet on a celebrity dating site. I could see after getting to know him he was the one I want to spend my life with. I am sick of hooking up with celebrity douchebags like Justin that have no class. I knew it was time for a change that's why I message Tim I loved his profile. He was such a gentleman on our first date nothing like what I experienced before." I asked her to more questions Could there be Wedding Bells in your future? Their first kiss? She said " I could definitely see me and Tim getting married in the future I love him so much he is my pookie bear and all I can say about the kiss magical Hallmark moment". By interviewing Tim and Selena I can definitely say this is a match made in heaven. Good luck to Selena and Tim my there love last forever