Dearborn Residents involved in dangerous car chase

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Dearborn Residents involved in dangerous car chase

WAYNE COUNTY, Mich. -- Deputies involved in a dangerous high-speed chase Tuesday were dodging car parts chucked at them by two suspects in a red charger.

The two men, Haisam Najdi and Ali Moughnia, both 20, are facing attempted murder charges because the size, bulk and weight of the items that were thrown from the speeding vehicle could have killed pursuing deputies and other motorists, Dearborn deputy James Crone said in a release.

The deputy said the incident started near Ford rd Tuesday afternoon when a deputy came upon the two attempting to take rims off a stolen Dodge Dakota. The chase continued for 45 miles at a high-rate of speed on Southfield fwy and I-96 in Wayne County, where Stop Sticks were used to successfully stop the car.

After the car was stopped, Deputy Crone said the two suspects attempted to carjack another vehicle, but deputies managed to apprehend the two before that could happen.

The items found along the interstate included a fender, a vehicle grill, front-end grill/headlight assembly from a vehicle, the bumper from a full-size vehicle, a floor jack and a number of power and hand tools.

No one was injured during the chase.

Deputy Crone said the two suspects have lengthy rap sheets. They were booked into the Wayne County Jail.