David A Freeman, or is he?

Friday 16 April 34378 Shares

David A Freeman, or is he?

David A Freeman, a civilian of Rock Hill, SC has been seen as a normal, well, somewhat normal human his whole life - until January 7th, 2006. On this day, David was caught at a Exxon gas station just about a mile or so from his home at Gable Oaks, and apartment complex in Rock Hill, SC. He was spotted pumping his gas into his car, when all of the sudden, he finished pumping. A lady noticed this normal behavior and questioned the man about his actions. David proceeded to his vehicle when a crowd followed him, asking about his first experience of normality, and how it felt. He drove off quickly, never to be seen again...well, except for his family. His family saw him every night after that. Lol. He didn't like...disappear or anything. He was a normal guy...like c'mon. Lol...wastetheirtime

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