Woman beat down at local food chain resteraunt by group of "certain ethnic" immigrants

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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Breaking news-2-12-16- 8 P.M.

Layla Hall is a single mother of six working at a popular fast food restaraunt in Buckhannon Wv.She was dragged out the drive through window by a group of assailants, because she was wearing make-up and her cleavage was showing.The attackers were screaming this at her about her make-up and breasts showing as they chanted their religious phrase kicking and spitting on her.

Witnesses say they also ran a train on her in the parking lot,after knocking her unconscience.The witnesses were 2 women Co-workers who could only watch helplessly, as they had no weapons nor strength to defeat the attackers. They reported the men as saying they have the right to do this because all American women and children are their sex slaves.

Local news channels were warned not to cover the story by several lgbt and feminist groups in the area ,saying it would be racist to single these men out while there are other crimes being committed all over the state which also go unreported by the media.The men in question fled to a local safe city safehouse for their race,reporting to these lgbt feminist groups that they had been the victims of a redneck lynching movement.

A local group of self proclaimed white supremisicts reportedly rounded up around 100 good ol' boys in trucks within a half hour of hearing the news from one of the employees and have been patrolling the city discouraging further attacks on citizens.They argue they did not start any attacks towards the men,but only arrived at the scene after the fact.They say they actually arrived before the authorites, which took over an hour because it was taken as a hoax.

Donations to help this mother of six while she cannot work is in the works by a local church group,stay tuned to local news channels in WV to get the address to send whatever you can.

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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