Scientists make new chemical that's brings back the deceased as human flesh eating cannabals

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Scientists make new chemical that's brings back the deceased as human flesh eating cannabals

Scientists is the Florida Marine Biology Institute (FMBI) made a chemical that brings back deceased creatures as human flesh eating cannabals. They were trying to make a medicine to see if when given to the marine vanimals they will flee from plastic and other materials that can hurt the animal. They fed it to a blue tang and when the scientist Professor Charles Munfed fed it to the fish it immediately died. Munfed left and later came back to the fish rapidly swimming around the tank. Later on the fish attacked his hand. They later gave a salmon the same mixture and it died and attacked. A man who was interviewing Munfed, Samual Kindleburger, was exposed to the mixture and had a heart attack. Considering the past conditions of the animals THEY DID NOTHING AND EVERY DIED RUNNNNNNNN. HEHEHE IT'S JUST ME HAYLEE

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