Ingleside Texas finally gets it's long awaited Taco Bell

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Ingleside Texas finally gets it's long awaited Taco Bell

For over three decades, a small Texas town is finally getting its long awaited Taco Bell. Rumors of a shiny and new Taco Bell have been circulating among Ingleside residents since the election of former mayor Mark Crawford in 1988. When the Navy chose Ingleside as a minesweeping homeport naval base a flurry of new construction arose and speculation on new commercial developments ran rampant. Some hypothesized projects included a new shopping mall, a movie theater, and numerous restaurants and clothing stores. None of these rumors however excited the people of this small town more than the idea of a Taco Bell coming to town. William Grant recalls the excitement that spread through the school hallways in 1997, “We were so elated that some of us, including myself, got taco tattoos that summer. How silly of us. What were we thinking?” Alas, summer came and passed without the Bell being built and so did the hopes and dreams of cheap crispy tacos that this sleepy town harbored.

In the following years, a small shopping center sprung up but Taco Bell would not be one of its shops as all of Ingleside had hoped. A new convenience store followed on the outskirts of town and rumors once again arose that it would come equipped with a Taco Bell. McDonald's came instead. Throughout the years, other new structures would come to town and each time the residents would hope and wish that one of them would be that magical place where you could purchase tacos for .99 cents but that day never came. The town eventually lost all hope of receiving it’s very own Taco Bell.

Two decades later, after the aforementioned McDonald's had failed and the building was under remodeling a familiar Buzz was in the streets and school halls again. Residents shouted, “It's going to be a Taco Bell! Taco bell is coming! I heard it is going to be a Taco Bell! Viva Taco Bell!” Hope and joy had sprung anew and this time it seemed legit but was it? Would this town finally receive its very own Taco Bell? In short, no. It would not. The remodeled space was to be a Pizza Hut instead. Therefore, like many times in the past, the morale of this now bigger, mostly residential community had been shattered. Would there ever be a Taco Bell in this town? Would Aransas Pass, of all places, get one before its superior neighboring town Ingleside? Would Portland keep getting the eateries, clothing stores and theaters promised to this town so long ago? To the average citizen it would seem so. It appeared that Ingleside would always have a small H.E.B. and would forever remain without its very own Taco Bell.

Not always getting what you wanted soon forced a depression upon Ingleside’s taco deprived residents. They responded in the only way possible really, they kept living life as best they could, well, until March 1, 2017 that is. On that day, like a bible prophecy coming to fruition, a sign popped up in an empty lot that was ironically, in-between a Baptist church and the other great Texan religion, a Whataburger. Printed on that sign was what the residents of the Big I had been hoping to see for many years. “Taco Bell Coming Soon!” Yes, it is true this time and you can literally feel the excitement in the air. People rushed to the empty lot to see for themselves even stopping traffic as they crawled in their cars past the empty lot. No one seemed to mind the delay this caused, even during the Kiewit rush hour. With Taco Bell coming to town, Ingleside residents are happy to the point of even forgetting about their tiny H.E.B. Everything seems right in the world again and they almost have no complaints with exception to the weird smells and meth that keep creeping in from Aransas Pass. That will always be an issue.

Author – Chewy Nunez
Editor - Martin Left