Senior doctors in LRH quitting jobs to protest changes in health policy, violation of merit

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Senior doctors in LRH quitting jobs to protest changes in health policy, violation of merit

Senior officials of Health department KPK, who decided to quit their jobs include prominent doctors who made contributions to their respective departments. Among them is Prof Dr Mumtaz Ali, a noted neurosurgeon and Chairperson of Neurosurgery Department LRH.

Another senior consultant Prof Dr Taj Ali Khan, a pathologist and Chairperson of Pathology Department and blood bank Division LRH.

Others are Prof Dr Intekhab Alam, who was CEO of PGMI and currently the Chairperson of Medicine Department.

Prominent Physician Prof Dr Amjad taqweem,

Prof Javed Iqbal farooqi, a Gastroenterologist.

Doctors were already frustrated because of the poor health policy by PTI govt but the real uncertainty started after the appointment of junior doctor as a Medical director. Dr suleman has never been a head of a unit before this appointment. doctors were disheartened by biased selection by the board of governors. The post was announced internationally and the selection committee started receiving CV's. More than hundred applications were received, but the selection criteria was very tough only 5 candidates were shortlisted. After complete process the selection committee gave 2 names to the Board of governors. Interesting situation arised because the two names were, Prof taj Ali Khan, and Assistant Prof suleman Khan.

Dr suleman is a England based rheumatologist who recently joined LRH. He was favorited by the cousin of PM Imran khan and board of governors chairman Prof Nowsherwan burki and he wanted to see him as medical director but he was confused because on the other side was Prof Dr Taj Ali khan, a chairman and almost one third of the hospital staff is already working under him. At hard times when all doctors were opposing MTI Act of the PTI govt in 2015, he was the first chairman and consultant of the largest public sector hospital who quitted his private practice and presented himself for IBPP, which was highly appreciated by PTI govt. Seeking anonymity senior doctor in the hospit said "Being a member of executives council, and chairman of discipline committee Prof Taj's bold decision and aggressive behavior against irregularities were already threat for certain powerful elements in the hospital. These political Mafia's knew prof Taj will be selected because Dr suleman was of no match to him. They used their influence in every manner to stop the Board of governors from appointing Prof taj and unfortunately, and they succeeded in spreading misunderstanding and hatred between Prof Taj Ali and Chairman BoG " said a member of executive committee. The whole staff of lrh was in frustration to see how Prof taj was stabbed in back, even after all his efforts and help to the failed policies of PTI Govt. This made the senior doctors believe that working in this hospital is only disrespecting your ownself and started quitting their jobs.

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