Young Eddy Interview, From musical inspirations to His mixing and mastering process to his spiritual influence

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

Wednesday 26 January 2059 53129 Shares

I: Its nice to finally get you for an interview Young Eddy, well lets get right to it, what motivated you to make music?

YE: Honestly its just always been a way for me to self express myself to the world and the passion behind it is what drives me to always release and record new music. I just honestly love it, it saved me from a lot of depressing moments and hardships over the course of my 10 years as a Rap Artist.

I: Who motivates you and why?
YE: Thats an easy one, mainly growing up and witnessing the rise and fame of Lil Wayne’s career. The way he was always finding new ways to dominate the rap tracks and change up his style was always inspiring to me. His dedication and his hustle played a large part in my style.

I: Who else motivated you?
YE: Ace Hood, his hunger and “beast of the south” mentality, King Los and Eminem, both of them had crazy metaphors, multi syllable rhyme schemes and wordplay that really influenced my overall style and sound. You can throw Tech N9ne and Anilyst, Locksmith, and a few others in there as well.

I: Nice, How is your recording process and writing process?
YE: Well mostly all my new music is off the top of my head, i recently stopped writing as much and started channeling my inner source connection and hip-hop soul to be the vessel of my lyrics instead of writing it and being prepared. It just seemed more like “in the moment” and more spontaneous which i thought would feel even more authentic to my fans and listeners. I use a laptop and the Daw Recording Program, Mixcraft 8.1 to record all my music, ever since Mixcraft 6 i been loyal to that program haha.

I: Who mixes and masters your final tracks?
YE: I do, I do it all myself haha i am a one man band when it comes to being in the studio. I wasn’t always good at it i just kept researching and practicing and eventually i started to get better and better at it. Iwill definitely keep evolving and learning new things of course so expect better sounding final projects too.

I: Thats dope. What new music can the fans expect to hear in the near future?
YE: I got 3 projects dropping in 2020 for sure, i got one Lo-Fi inspired type album, one trap sound type album and one sequel to a precious project I’ve released as well. And all those 3 projects will be “appetizers” if you will, to the final album dropping 2021 which will be the next Studio Album after Yunasai. Those 3 projects are commercial mixtapes not Studio Albums.

I: What is the 3rd Studio Album titled?
YE: Rishi.

I: Rishi? Why that name?
YE: Because in spirituality, theres different levels of consciousness and in the highest dimension which is around the 14th, 15th, a soul who has reached that level thru vigorous discipline and dedication to spiritual practices will have attained such name “Rishi Conciousness” and i just thought it sounded dope honestly. It felt relatable to my life path at the moment.

I: Oh ok thats cool. Well we wish you the best on your music journey and where can people reading this interview find or follow you at?
YE: Thanks you guys as well! And on Twitter, @Realyoungeddy or Instagram @youngeddy94

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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