PS5 Priced at $299 - Reveals Source From Sony

Monday 26 October 17396 Shares

PS5 Priced at $299 - Reveals Source From Sony

We're expecting to see PS5 price and pre-order information from Sony at the PS5 Showcase event this afternoon. We don't know whether Sony will announce a similar timeline to the Xbox Series X pre-order or whether they'll come off the back foot to open up those order books early, so get ahead with everything you need to know about PS5 pre-orders today.

Today's event has been likely pulled forwards after Microsoft went ahead and slipped out an announcement of the Xbox Series X's launch information, and with Microsoft putting a $499 price tag on its next generation console, Sony has likely been working to bring its own costs down in the meantime.

That means we're expecting the PS5 price to hit the same $299 region as the Series S. That's no mean feat, however, with previous rumors placing the PS5 as the more expensive console. Rumors and suspicious price leaks abound, but of course that's all speculation until Sony take to the virtual stage today.

If you're clamoring to sign your name up, don't worry - you won't have to wait long for a PS5 pre-order. With Sony already launching its own PS5 pre-order scheme for established PSN account holders, and today's announcement just around the corner, it's likely we could see them coming sooner than later. Make sure you act quickly though, as we can't be for certain how many units will be available initially - especially if there's a phased release.

So what can we expect from the PS5 price based on what we already know? And will the PS5 Digital Edition price make it the most popular option? Read on to find out. And keep this page bookmarked, because we'll update it as soon we know more about the PS5 price and pre-orders.

[UPDATE: Sony is set to unveil the PS5 price and release date on September 16 - here's how to watch the PS5 Showcase.]