Statistics show who are the cutest people per country

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Statistics show who are the cutest people per country

According to the most recent study of The New York Times, 1 in every 9.25 million people per country have the highest levels of cuteness of the world. What's even more surprising is that 9.25 million is also the total population of Belarus, which gives highest level of cuteness to just one person.

Our reporters went to Belarus on the search for the cutest person and every interview they made leads to a person. "Well, duh, I know her of course. But she is not here, she is in Portugal", says Valentina Bolotnia from Minsk, allegedly a friend of the person.

We went to Portugal to find out if the rumors were true, and in the city of Porto - totally randomly chosen by us - Carlos, a local, declares: "Yes, I know her very well, in fact I had access to this study several times and even told her, but she never believed me".

So, who is this person? "Well, her name is Daria Shibaeva", says Carlos. Our reporters went to the World Database of Cuteness (WDC) - courtesy of the Lead Chief of the Study - Stormaggedon, only to find out that this is true.

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