English Language School was Broken into!

Wednesday 03 March 52604 Shares

English Language School was Broken into!

An English Language School in Ho Chi Minh was broken into last night at approx 1am.
Three people were seen leaving the building through the front door at 1am this morning. Police were alerted to the break-in by a witness who lives next door to the school.

The witness, in his late 70’s, claims to have seen the burglars leaving the building.
‘I heard loud noises and peeped out through my curtains’, said the witness. ‘Computers were being loaded onto a white van by two of them, while one of them stood there looking at me and then waved at me. I was terrified and that’s when you got the call from me,’ he went on to explain.

The criminals are still unknown to police but ongoing investigations are taking place at the school this morning. A number of students and teachers were questioned this morning and this will continue throughout the afternoon.

Police have released a statement describing the scene at the school when they arrived.
‘Graffiti was found on the walls of all the classrooms. It wasn’t in English so we can assume at this stage it was a student.’ he explained. ‘A large number of computers were stolen and damage was done to many of the teachers’ desks and books. We can also confirm that coffee was made during the break-in. It seems as though they got thirsty with the heavy lifting.’
Fingerprints have been taken from the cups and police are hoping to make arrests later today.
If anyone has any information that can help the investigation, please call the station