Cole sprouse commits suicide

Friday 16 April 40789 Shares

Cole sprouse commits suicide

Cole Sprouse was killed this Saturday It happened this Saturday 9 at 10:00 at night It happened this Saturday 9 at 10:00 at night the 28-year-old, as you all know, suffered from depression, after overcoming it the fans began to criticize him as he was dressed as he was,
The young actor committed suicide because he could not stand the criticism and hates of the fans who hated him, Cole succeeded but he did not get over it completely because his mother at the age of 1 or 2 years abandoned them for drugs.his brother Dylan still has a hard time assimilating the loss of Cole with only 28 years. Dylan in an interview commented on the loss of his brother to whom he said "It's a shame that my brother has already committed suicide, because he did it" these were the words that Dylan said.

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