Utah man claims experience with Dungeons and Dragons was key to finding lost engagement ring

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Utah man claims experience with Dungeons and Dragons was key to finding lost engagement ring

Adam Jensen, 29, was out for a walk with his 3-year-old daughter when he noticed a glint of light coming from the grass next to the sidewalk. He initially expected a bit of gum wrapper or aluminum foil, but upon closer inspection discovered he was actually looking at a 3 carat diamond ring.

While many would be tempted to keep a valuable ring and even sell it, Jensen had a different idea of what to do. As he observed the ring's details, he noticed that there was a unique inscription on the inside of the platinum band, and something told him that they were coordinates. Instead of looking up diamond pricing, Jensen did a search for the exact location inscribed in the ring. This led him to a small coffee shop in Orem, Utah.

But he didn't give up there. "I figured that the coffee shop must be important if it's inscribed on the inside of a huge diamond ring. My guess was that it was the place the owner met their partner, went on their first date together, or was proposed to," Jensen explains. "I spoke with the owners and they allowed me to put up a flyer that said 'Found ring'. I left out some details about the ring but included my phone number in case someone came looking."

Meanwhile, the owner of the ring (who wishes to remain anonymous) went looking around every place they had been recently. It wasn't long before they found themselves at the coffee shop where, indeed, they had recently been proposed to. While they did not find the ring, they did find the flyer, and the rest writes itself.

Jensen took the call and returned the ring to its rightful owner after they were able to accurately describe the ring. The owner expressed great appreciation for the integrity Jensen showed and asked that he keep the loss of the ring confidential.

So what does he attribute to his keenness and ingenuity?

"I just rolled really high on my Perception checks," he admits. "Once when I found the ring, and the second time when I found the inscription. Of course I had to do a History check as well to understand that it was coordinates written on the inside. I have a pretty high Intelligence score in general, so once I figured out how I was going to find the owner, the rest was just waiting for the right person to claim the ring. I couldn't have done it though if I didn't know what skill checks to use, so I have Dungeons and Dragons to thank for that." He added, "By the way, do you know anybody who wants to join a campaign? I'm a great DM, but I could be a player, too. This experience makes me wanna play D&D."

When asked why he went through so much trouble to return the ring, he simply responded, "Well duh, I'm Lawful Good."

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