Mobile Legends:Bang Bang NEW LARGE EVENT NEAR?

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Mobile Legends:Bang Bang NEW LARGE EVENT NEAR?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a mobile multiplayer online battle arena developed and published by Moonton. Released in 2016, the game has become popular in Southeast Asia and was among the games chosen for the first medal event esports competition at the 2019 Southeast Asian Games in the Philippines. [Source: Wikipedia] Mobile Legends:Bang Bang has recently announced in their live that they will be adding a new huge event. It might be released to the public near May or June. Secretary John Caragdas also said these during the live :

" Mobile Legends : Bang Bang or mlbb was designed to make individuals all around the world play and communicate with eachother. The Department of Education from the Philippines reported to us that students between elementary school and high school are slacking of because of the game amd asks us to help solve the problem, as of now mlbb has a chance of getting banmed in the Philippines because of these reports. We do not have the same power as the government so we ask you to please follow the rules of mlbb for it not to be banned. "

He also added some hints about the update. Mr Caragdas said:

"About the update that I have mentioned, it will be released between the months of May and June as it is a huge update/ event. This event will have a collaboration with one of the popular online games around the world. As usual, we will also have event rewards. Skins will now be added to the reward section and it consists of Elite, Collector, and Epic skins. Bugs are also being fixed and heroes who have been reported that have ben messing up during the game have now been fixed. Some of our current heroes including Hanabi and Beatrix , their damage level to enemies and creeps have been decreased as it was not fair to the enemy team and other heroes"

bat eto na naman binabasa mo? Happy late april fools mwhehrheeh ginawa ito ni Ate Chloe

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