Posts of the day 2018-01-19

Florida Teen Pistol Whips Mother’s Husband
Mona Don't Drin Enough Water Henny!
Ford reduces risk of vehicle collision to near zero.
"Disastrous" Snopes Deniers spread fake news on social media
Windows 11 Beta
Tom Brady Will Not Play in AFC Championship Game
Bedford Stuyvesant teen wanted in a ring of terror
Youtuber "NVTE" Makes Disstrack On Viral Sensation "DanTDM"
Learn It Hacks Credit Card
One of The Co-Creators of Care Bears: Adventures in Care A-Lot, confirms that there will be a new movie and even new series
One Dead, One In Critical Condition After Crash
?tiri de ultim? or?
NZ PM ponders ‘baby break’ to avoid starting a ‘hormonal war’
Brady Ruled Out For Sunday
This Guy has Spread AIDS in 5 States & Is Wanted in North Carolina!!
This Guy has Spread Herpes in 5 States & Is Wanted in North Carolina!!
Local Fag Arrested
Micah Seibert Fights For Feminist Rights
Arrested for Fucking Ya Bitch
Vue Wine Bar and Bistro closes after 2 years
Zac Efron Dead
Khrustjov trækker sig
East Feliciana Parish School Reopened
Anson Leist to appear alongside Kye Kelley on Street Outlaws
This Guy has Spread Herpes in 10 States & Is Wanted in North Carolina!!
Task force seeks 'armed and dangerous' suspect
This Guy is Spreading Herpes in Every State!
No school
Spare Some Time?
Arlix bot is not working
Spare Some Time
Local sex offender Anthony J. Sperrazza has a comunity looking for him be on the look out.
Russian thug cought smuggling drugs to Ireland
Tipperary man gets role of new harry potter