Posts of the day 2018-11-07

Jeff kaplan reveals why he nerfed mercy so much
Aliens land on White House lawn
New Detour Tunnel to be Installed for HWY 124 in Harrisonburg
Man Not Only Walk Again But Is Now Ready For Dancing With The Stars
Carnival Cruise ship “Fantasy”, Overrturns.
Fireball kills NC Jeep group
Fake news takes over facebook.
West High School recently allowed students to not attend their classes.
Iowa City West High Cancels Class for the Month of November
Jaguars RB Leonord Fournette tweaks hamstring on last play of practice
Hottest couple in Oklahoma
BREAKING NEWS! Hannah is a t0e!!!!
Barbara Pooped at 4:42 pm
Saints Kamara Suspended
Emma Rose Griner. New internet sensation.
Dog eats engagement ring
Santa looking to retire
BTS’s JungKook says he is very exited to come to Georgia soon
Beto moves East to Louisiana
Kevin Harvick NASCAR license revoked for remainder of 2018 season
BTS produces release information that states BTS will appear in every movie premiere in Georgia
BTS says,” We will be coming to every BTS movie premire in Georgia.
Alcorn Student Wanted for setting school afire to obtain Bachelors degree!
Jeff Sessions to be VP Under Executive Order
Man doesn't listen to his mother about making faces and his face actually freezes that way
I think President Trump is bad. FAKE NEWS!!!
Brothers divided over who is mom's favorite
JPSO: Man Arrested for Mass Cruelty to Animals on Monday
Pennywise is NOT fake. Watch out!
Louisiana Grandmother Tops field of 500 to win 1st Annual Crawfish eating competition
Toddler's capture of Thanksgiving turkey feeds needy family during the holidays
New Orleans Invaded by Aliens
Webster-Merriam has announced that Gullible will be removed from the dictionary
Rummel cheerleader caught in incest relationship with brother
Webster Merriam has announced that Gullible will be removed from the dictionary
Alabama man named as most eligible bachelor in 2018
NCAA approves teams to play NFL teams.
Dave Ashworth named "World's sexiest man!"
Deng mencari keje
Bu pegou fogo
Carnival Cruise Line are giving away free cruises to beutiful people
£50 not finally gone
Hopkins Injury Update
Marksville man lands long term contract with supernatural series
G-Eazy to perform Fort Smith
Jessica Lipp wanted for being mean to her husband
Beteaux in Louisiana
Tiffany won a million dollars from a scratch off ticket
Tiffany won a million dollars !
Toronto authorities in search for social media predator
Cruise wreck
Lead Singers Career Cut Short
Kyrgyzstan finally independent!
Dutch Islamic elementary school: 'De Blije Regenboog' accused of terrorist propaganda.
Vatican CITY!?!?
The Berlage Lyceum in Amsterdam is closing it’s doors for good.
Women globally earned more than men this year.
13 jarige kind krijgt hartaanval door fortnite
Elon Musk buys Fortnite and deletes it.
Fortnite pulls in girl gamers
Hopkins Carted off
Lil meggy Proves She Can Freestyle
Tommy Cowart proceeds with gender reassignment surgery
Gus Malzahn's contract extended through 3033 for a record $8.6 Billion
Shooting spree
Hivatalosan is elismerte a két celeb!
Young big lad Caught Eating Out His Mum Behind Lidil
1 and a half wins
Teen shot and Killed after school
Teen shot and Killed after school
Sipter Dániel
Castles can move?
Latest News From Dignity - Sentul
The rulers of uae banned fortnite in the gulf
Israel calls for declaration on war on Myanmar
Fortnite players are outraged having been served “The Dick” by Fortnite player Hoster-Boss
Best woman in the world discovered at last
Fortnite ending?
Loving it
Was trey sayers the right choice ?
An earthquake just struck Lima, Peru
President Trump Coming to Paducah, KY
Independence Elementary Teacher arrested for hiding camera in the girls restroom
Drew Brees traded to Cleveland for 1st round pick
Stultus Gets Fucking Jumped 3 Weeks After He Raped His Dog
BREAKING: Steve Schuh wins votes to become Anne Arundel County Executive
Electricity brings bussiness to stand still