Republicans in Congress Caught In Satanic Rite

Wednesday 01 April 39213 Shares

Republicans in Congress Caught In Satanic Rite


Members of Congress latest effort to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act, introduced by Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Bill Cassidy (R-LA), were scheduled to discuss ripping coverage from millions of Americans, met behind closed doors last night.
In a shocking turn of evens, one of the doors swung open revealing many members of congress in full ceremonial garb in what looked like a religious rite. There was also an infant laying upon the alter next to a knife.
When our reporters asked what was going on, Sen. Graham (leading the ceremony) said, "We're trying to make America Great Again! Now shut the (expletive) door."
Though they were all wearing robes and masks, Sen. Grahams delicate timbre of voice was unmistakable. We cannot confirm if the remainder of the attendees were in fact members of congress, but the meeting room was scheduled with the same number of Senators in attendance.

It seems that Republicans in congress really are trying everything to make America great again.