Posts of the day 2017-01-03

ZACHARY PLAINSMAN: Central man arrested for DWI [derelict welding indeed].
Michael Bisping to defend his tittle in a Anderson Silva rematch in London
Local Chef Awarded Nobel Prize For Fake Journalism
Pope francis related to Karl marx!
Trump to convert to catholicism
NEW Bedford teen selling him self
Lil dick noah
Clinton Missouri to ban fishing at Truman Lake
Local Corbin woman wins 80 million in Ky Lottery.
Local teen charged with first degree murder
"Detroit man indicted for performing basement braces"
Police catch pervert
Man Wanted From Detroit
Sources say Tigers have contact with Chip Kelly!
Missing wigs found at Patti labelles house
Caught with 5,000 painkillers
This girl is spreading HIV
This little girl is spreading HIV
CWU student cast in 'Alvin and the Chipmunks: Sex in The City'
Local Filipino woman finds pointy rocks and creates dildos out of them.
3 teens caught with a 1000 pills
The Storm after The Storm
Ya Mean The Newest Upcoming Artist In The Dfw
Winner of the Cleveland Browns Sweepstakes for superbowl tickets
Manning Get's Nod for Homeland Security Position from Donald Trump and John Kelly
Rihanna to Headline East Lake Fundraiser
Kentucky Chef To Cook For Donald Trump
Rihanna Headlines East Lake Fundraiser
STREETLORD Jesse James in talks with Jay-Z's (roc-nation) for label deal
South side woman accused of stealing from homeless guy
Michael Vick
Man kisses Angelica the Dolphin,Possible Wedding we'll see!
2011 RHS student is found having sexual intercourse with lunch lady to get more pizza