Posts of the day 2018-12-19

Mixed Martial Artist Dead At 35
El Fornstero aka Dwarf Papi assaults Hot Dog Stand Owner
Oisin hub
Polygamist Blood Draw For Secret Society
Poor Little Doggies are real!
Rape Culture Shocks Many
Divergent and convergent boundaries have “opposite reactions”, new study shows
Puolustusvoimain komentaja siirtyy prestigelle
Kinky P just recently signed to Epic Records for.....
Mpeos in prison!
Have an Al Schmitt Christmas!
Beos changes Doxa Drama link at wikipedia
Ronaldo and doxa dramas ?!
Another Stabbing
Messi ?? Doxa Drama ?
Child Predator!!
Volim da se družim
Mechanic of the Year!!
Kouskounas to CSKA Moscow ?
"Hilda" cancelled by Netflix
Extraterrestrials Found In the South Coast Of Japan
Top 3 Tank players in the USA
Blue Pink Jacket
Major Changes Coming to ESPN Fantasy Football (updated reporting)
Joey and Elliot Engage in Golden Showers
Major Changes Coming to ESPN Fantasy Footbal
Indianapolis Colts Place Marlon Mack on Injured Reserve
How much sleep does a growing cheerleader actually need?
Obama Dies!
Trump to Declare Real life purge the 26th of this December
Bernie Sanders is a cyborg
Rapper known as x faked his death
Travis Scott to Perform at Texas Bowl
Travis Scott to
Aaron Carr seen crying and eating ice cream
Who knows what would become of the great masterpieces of art history if, by magic, they were "converted". All the female figures become men, the masterpieces of painting in a different vision from how we know it.
Jason Van Nus loses in the championship
Packer's to sit Aaron Rodgers
Chargers to rest Melvin Gordon
Fortnite set to end in early January of 2019