Posts of the day 2019-12-29

Killer asteriod headed towards Earth, no defenses.
Ex profesora de colegio corrompe a su nieto haciéndole tomar alcohol (Guayaquil)
Cashout Ace and 2 others dead by a drive my shooting
Cashout Ace and 2 other dead
Dauphin Countryfest
Winnipeg man wanted for used tampon thefts
Alert Emergency : Nuclear bomb will strike Chicago, San Diego, and New York
Your future
Fortnite closing down in 2020
Juice WRLD was found walking to a hotel in Brooklyn.
Pirates Legend Part of Future
Are Xbox users more likely to be gay?
Eerste vrouwelijke Big Brother winnares en voormalig Kids Top 20 presentatrice Ellen Dufour is dood
A real picture of an Alien!! TALKING HIS LANGUAGE "yn3l tbon mok"
Scientists finalized that 2045 will be the end of days
Ynw juvy is killed by ynw melly,melly get jail til the death
?? ??????? ?????? ??????? ????? ?????????...!
Local Rapper Will Evans Pays Student Debt
Rock Falls Police arrest several local individuals for minor possession of marijuana/paraphernalia just minutes before recreational legalization in state of Illinois
NCT's Taeyong talks about his upcoming mixtape.
Christian pronounced Dead after getting raped multiple times in the ass
Yoiner Ortiz Tries To Escape Prision?!
Dariana Ortiz arrested for raping a 7 months baby
R.I.P Nicole known as brandy killed herself from bullying
A Kid Named David crashes a pole in his neighborhood.
Takuache David Was Trynna Do a 30 Roll and got arrested and crashed a pole with his Chevy Silverado
Miguel Ángel Gordillo Diaz passes away
Miguel Ángel Gordillo Diaz death
Please be on the lookout for Alejandro vieyra
Will you find true love
Soccer going to be only legal for 18+...
Soccer going to be only legal for 18+ olds...
Soccer gonna be legal for 18+
Boy name Aaron was arrested for quemando las llantas cuh
Nba youngboy was shot after leaving club
Rose Tico Disney+ Show Confirmed
The police has been looking for a kid name Jason Ramirez which has been found guilty for smoking marijuana in private property.
NBA young boy found dead
Donald Trump Found Humping Pole in Public Park?
Zaynab the gold digger
Jernia AS slått konkurs
Politiutrykkning på Dovrefjell
Gavin and Stacey will be returning for a 4th series in 2020
Newton Is Alive?
Little Girl Eats To Much
Danville va teen makes history
Mini riot at drinks party