Posts of the day 2017-02-12

Local man Dan Tolson eats record four naked chalupa's in a row and lives to tell the tale
Local Teen Overdoses
Dauphin County on Lockdown after attempted escape.
Mid Penn Bank Hacked
Woman found with 2,000 stolen Chucky Cheese tokens
Woman found with 2,000 stolen Chucky Cheese tokens
Woman arrested for robbing convient store
Boosie Contacts The Young Lubbock Local Rapper Quan
Ghawwal Galeb Anthony Didwell
New stores step in to fill the gap for Trump products.
Broome County sheriff's department in search for Windsor man
Woman found with 2,000 stolen Chucky cheese tokens
Wwe stars arrested for gang activity
WWE stars areested for gang violence
Devos set to end public schools in favor of mandatory military schools for all children starting age 5.
Former WWE stars arrested because of gang attacks.
Fried pork bellies found to cure cancer.
Joel Embiid Calls It Quits - Returning to Africa
Lottery winner wishes millions to small town school
Homophobic attack in Hull town
Search for Person of Interest
Mark Lemaster Arrested on 30 counts of Barnyard Sodomy
Greg Crace arrested for Barnyard Sodomy
Antwon scared after vk told him who he hold in the riverside Game
Death Valley Custom
Chapmanville woman arrested and charged with homicide
Katie garrett
Muhlenberg police officer caught getting lit asf.
The dankest weed in kentucky
Medical cocaine now LEGAL in Kentucky
Medicare to stop paying for ambulance rides
Man Arrested for drugs and stolen items
Elizebeth warren buys ak-47 and heads to D.C.
High school student sleep with vice principal
This Sheldon Clark high schooler charged with sexual assault to a other football player during last football season
Sexual assault
Teen from hopkinsville KY arrested for public intoxication
Donald Trump Kicked Out Of The White House!
Kid killed in palmetto, FL during a shoot out
The cure to stupidty
Johnson county police are searching for this man
Hull's Elm Street party turned into something nasty