Posts of the day 2017-02-23

Teen shoot out with pgh police
Beloved M*A*S*H Star Gone
President Trump to sign Executive Order Banning Semi-Automatic Assault Rifles
Trump Sending all Hispanics back to Mexico Regardless of Citizenship
Hayes Tour
Local Huntington Beach man shoots 4 on golf course
New Car Wash Hits Missouri
Game of Thrones Actor Tragically Killed on Set in Filming Accident
Celebrity in our Ranks?
Rugby Union and League to Merge Under 'Ultimate Rugby' Banner
Done Deal: Rose & Jennings Shipped To Pacers For George
Are Yaoi Ships Too Sexual?
Hillary Clinton change of gender
Hillary Clinton change of sex.
New tests show that Donald Trump and Osama bin laden are related?!
Great White Shark Found in the Ohio River
Donald Trump: On his way to ban LGBT rights; riots are forming across America
Obama Confirmed a Reptile
14-year old girl proves Dragon Ball Z character is real!!
All Ryans have aids
FC Barcelona's Gerard Pique quits proffesional soccer
Lower Price Hill Prostitution
Justin Bieber is moving to Cincinnati
Oak Hills High School
Marijuana makes you feel like superman
Queen to Take Stage in West End Production of 'Mamma Mia'
Watford FC to Leave Vicarage Ground in 2018, Club Announces
Election Called for Late April
Snyder Highschool Burn Down
UK Schools to Scrap Lunch Time in Favour of Exam Preparation
UK Schools to Scrap Lunch Time
Newark Man Arrested for Fraud and 1st Degree Murder
Newark Man Arrested For 1st Degree Murder, and Fraud
The courtland yeti has been spotted once again
Booker t Young Goon Arrested For HanGun & More Than 100 Bags of marijuana
Lafayette yeti spotted near the Nys dot barn
Jose fucking teenagers
Jose getting caught fucking boys
React 365 definitely isn't fake news
FOX 32 NEWS: DeKalb Man Wanted For Stealing Oven Racks
Marquette Place to trade Miss Joan
Marquette Place to trade Miss Joan
Trump to be impeached!
School's Closed Due To Weather Inclimate
Khanijah Shannon
Local guitarist opens up show for Metallica June14 2017 in San Antonio
Report: Los Angeles Lakers trading Brandon Ingram, Luol Deng and two first round picks (2017,2018) to the Indiana Pacers for Paul George and Rakeem Christmas.
Refugees Ask Syria for Asylum due to Violence in Sweden