Posts of the day 2017-04-29

Bush did 9/11
Gursharan pronounced genius
Teen caught smoking
Lackey-Contreras Experiment Working Like A Charm
Teen killing animals
Carey price this to be traded to Vegas for next hockey season
Marijuana Laced Cookies Found in Local Bakery in Oregon
Mother Of Three Arrested For Beating Ex Husband With A Frying Pan..
2 Murders on the run
Lottery Winner in Kapuskasing , Ontario
Julian Brunton awarded the number 1 faggot in the entire UK
1st Annual Tent City Music Festival
Bryson Tiller Finally Proposes to Dehanna!
Ethan Taylor gay or public enemy number 1
Vince McMahon Call's it Quits
Gunshot heard in Wyoming area according to Wyoming residents
The sky is falling
Local Superstar Makes It Big
Veggie Burger or Gummy Burger?
Saintt accused of violently assaulting an innocent school girl
ANYONE knowing aboout DiHydrogen Monoxide should read this
**!!DiHydrogen Monoxide!!**
Santa Maria gang-related shooting suspect identified
One Santa Maria shooting suspect identified
Sonic coming to Charlottesville
Danny Gonzalez Got Exposed at Davis High
Trump Targets Sault Ste. Marie Canada
Sweet tea drinkers
Bernier Drops Out; Endorses Peterson
React365 is fake news; Oilers beat Anaheim in game 2
React365 is fake news; Oilers beathe Anaheim in game 2
Palm Trees Found In Michigan's Upper Peninsula-Confirms Accelerated Global Warming!
Edmonton Oilers to trade Connor Mcdavid at end of season
A 20 Sided Die Found On Sidewalk
Kapuskasing aboriginal girl
Rogers Place deemed unsafe to public
Connor McDavid out for game 2 undisclosed injury