Posts of the day 2018-04-19

All Tax Refunds Starting 2019 Will Be Donated To Charity
All Tax Refunds will be donated to Charity starting 2019 for Tax Year 2018
Egger’s Return
Trump America's greatest threat.
Donald Trump what can we say
Donald Trump the laughing stock of the world
Trump admits he has no clue what he is doing as President
Woman wins 2.4 million dollar lawsuit
Woman wins 2.4 million dollars lawsuit
Woman wins a 2.4 million dollars
Seu ???? ????????????
Owner doesnt pickup her dogs poop
Kittens are taking over
Austin rapper sign to cash money Records
Clowns are taking over
Unicorn spotting
Pug attack
Fear the fuzzy
Send search teams out fir this cat
Cats are being cast out into the sea
President Donald Trump and U.S. Congress voted yesterday on a bill that could change the world. Women with the name Courtney or Kristi will be force to make sandwiches daily.
Smiles are fake
When you're bi, let it ride
The new generation of mixed breeds!
President Trump to abolish Standing Rock sovereignty
Hindi Teen Dies After his Teacher Exhausts him With Latin Homework
Ricardo não aceita a verdade que as gayvotas são ajudadas pela arbitragem
Meteor hits Hopewell NY
Mario is still a straight white male in 2018. Here's why that is a problem.
Earls court violent attack
Fatal baton rouge shooting
Fatal baton rouge studio shooting
Bayern to make James Transfer Perminant!
Dallas Suspect Wanted By U.S. Marshalls For Double Homicide
Combate Stars
Korean R&B singer “Dean” spotted with model
ABSURSO, Gustavo Orozimbo tá pior que LULA
Watch out for the REEDtard
Whatcha for the REEDtard
REEDtard lukeazuwictz
Youtuber bate em sua namorada
Matheus yurley bate em sua namorada Mariana