Posts of the day 2018-04-18

Man does backflip to his death after outrageous Snapchat post.
Man falls to his death at red rock national conservative area
WWIII Comfirmed!
People in North Korea are finally
Donal trump exposed
Cristiano Ronaldo can't play football because of his age
SnapChat is shutting down
Astronomers believe that North Korean Space Station due to fall to Earth in 3 days
Messi moves to Real madrid after 20 years with Barcelona
Fortnite Shuts down
Local Islam far from the Closet, Speaks for the Queers
Canada Invades Portugal
Shaq Attack?
A 58 Old Man Has Never Ate Food Before!
Secret picture taken proves Donald J Trump was a nazi
Dogs found to release poisonous gases
Travesti é preso após furto de golf .
The Beelen Asylum really upset about Billy Ray Daniels being fired
Mardad hits it hard
Two Twins Together For Life
Tupac And Eazy-E faked their deaths and made a song together
Muerte del presidente de Mexico/Death of the president of Mexico
Alien Found On Earth
Michael Jordan returns to the NBA out of retirement once again!
Ghost spotted by dear!
Two Middle School Girls Kidnapped by Online Figure
Ricecakes for the win
These two cats Can speak chinese to Each other
Jay-z and Eminem Wanna gang up on trump?!
All dogs die in dog town because of nuclear bomb
Jay-z and Trump are close friends?!
Lebron james
Rapper “Lil Juul” wanted for 5 counts of 1st degree murder
The Trump Organizations buys all McDonalds in the United States
Donald Trump's Brother Is A Orangutang
Kids Start Playing Fortnite: Battle Royale in Real Life!
It's The End Of The World As We Know It
Donald Trump cheated on his wife!!
The app Snapchat will soon get deleted.
Kim Kardashian's Butt Implant EXPLODES!!!
Mormon Missionary dies after using an “Electronic Nicotine Device”
Donal trump assinated. [:
Donald Trump captured by Russian spies
"I Am Red Leader"
Donald Trump promises to launch his new nightclub "DT's" on April 20th
Young Arab Boy Brutally Raped and Murdered by 98 Year Old Transgender Female
Source- Secret Pompeo trip included visit to barber
Junior Chess Champion Dies after 37 Hour Long Game
2014 Bird Racing Championship To Be Held In Hakodate, Japan
Star of Still Game Ford Kiernan found dead at his home aged 56
? ??????? ????????? ??? POWER OF LOVE
Transgender Boy Rapes School Girls
North Korea becomes number 1 teddy bear manufacturer in the world.
Ed Fernandez Does the thing that Mike was talking about
Alan Jackson is the Undisputed King of Country
Mary Beth Olson to run for Cavalier City Council
Cuba in state of disaster after tsunami
Boy Rapes Girl so Hard she "Grows a Penis"
Local Boy Rapes a Girl so Hard she "Grows" a Duck and Reverse Rapes Him
Diabetic cat murders a young teen in Fairfax County, PA.
Rucavas iedz?vot?ji var ievilkt elpu un justies droši
About Nyad Amade
Ofrede alt: Dansk bokser donererede formue til børnehjem i Zimbabwe
Russian missile hits Kawai Hawaii at a Missile Range Facility
North Korea becomes number 1 teddy bear manufacturer in the world.
Man vs Whale
Transgender Creature with both sets of Genitals Viciously Rapes a Diabetic Legend
ACE Family Divorce!
Mentally Challenged Boy Murders Family by Accident
Groundworm discovery pioneer found dead in irrigation ditch
Daniel Furlan esta envolvido com assalto de carro
Hijo de Pablo Escobar
WayForward announces closing.
Bad Bunny’s New Girlfriend Alert!!!
URGENTE: Rússia declara guerra aos EUA
Secure teen
Top NHL analyst: "The Leafs will beat the Bruins and win the cup in 2018" (Video)
All Water Circulating throughout New York is Now Casuing Semen Deformity
White, Fuzzy Dog Accosted by Squirrels who were Looking to “Get Even”
Politician Tells the Truth
Travesti é procurado pela polícia por roubo de carro
Abbott Labratories to acquire Lumeon for $100 Million