Posts of the day 2019-10-27

14 found unconscious while on opioids
Arsenal sack Spaniard unai emery
Teenager pronounced dead
I am finally able to put a 15ft metal bar up my ass
My mom keep playing with my booty hole when I’m sleeping
Famous Rockstar Kristian M dies
Took to much dick in his ass
Garoto emo de 14 anos é preso em Itupeva por ameaçar garota na internet
Rapper mysonne was shot and killed earlier today in his Bronx home.
2 teens arrested in connection to homicide
Artist Blake Showers Goes On Hiatus For the 4,769th Time In One Year.ear
Anthony Chacon pronounced Dead
America may get nuked by 2021
Hope pronounced dead!
12 year pronounced dead.
Arsenal vs Crystal palace
Officials ID 15-year old killed in West Louisville
Fraudster from the local areas of Welling arrested
10 years old dead in a shot out
Brogdon says he hates “diving” and especially soccer!
13yr old girl shot and killed
Jose Ramos arias El Durangillo
Emre 1453
New Computer Virus! Name is Rellum.exe, What it does:
15 yr old pronounced dead after CAR CRASH after being kidnapped for a day?
15 found dead in trash can
Davasia pronounce dead
Drunk woman in NOLA goes crazy after peeing on homeless man
Drunk woman in NOLA goes crazy after peeing on drunk man
Ossiyonah hedgepeth passed away
Creator of World's Biggest Online Forum, INTO ALIOS Dies Aged 28
Creator of World's Biggest Online Forum Dies Aged 28
Kids caught stealing bikes
We’re on a search for Literia Harvey. She was last seen at her house. She has been missing for 2 hours. She was last wearing a white shirt & blue pants.
End of humanity?
Humanity is coming to an end
Florida changes legal age to sign a legal contract
The Murder Of Aliya LaRae Tolbert
18 year old found Dead After a Deadly Shooting On Hwy 138
A 12yr Old Name Tramaine Marchman Shot And Dead
Wanted on a murder
12-year old arrested
13- Catches lilheaditeus!
Boy from Miami caught Day dreaming in class
Teen Ciin Kap becomes the first to be a fatass!
Houghton Teen Takes Advantage of Young Salem Girl in Sexual Assault Case
Dead 6th Grade principle
Teenage boy shot and killed.
12yr Old Tramaine Marchman Pronounced Shot And Dead
Andres peña found fucking Chris
14Teen year old jr died in a shooting
Chorinea faunus the monster card
Kamaya Williams has dies
Jai Dudley
Erica Mason found dead in river
6th Grade principle at Watson B Duncan Middle School Dead.
Gabbi Has Won the lottery
Alicestine Shvon pronounced dead