Posts of the day 2019-10-09

Tiktok Star announces pregnancy
Donald Trump Announces Resignation
Justin Bieber Burns Millions of Dollars in protest for Equal rights For Squirrels
Shocking Photo Shows That The WiFi Network At Stratford Hall IB World School In Vancouver, BC, Actually Has The Ability To Function Properly
Kim kardashian was found shopping!!!
University of Kentucky to Get Rid of Finals Week
The University of Kentucky Has Decided to Provide Free Coffee from the Starbucks in the Willy T Young Library on Campus
University of Kentucky to Shut Down Basketball Program
Tobacco Products are Legal on University of Kentucky's Campus
University of Kentucky Removes Dry Campus Policy
Kim Jong-Un to Star in the Next Broadway Production of “Shrek: The Musical”
Real Life Mermaid Spotted On Rock In Hawaii
University of Kentucky Will Start Providing Free Meals to All Students
"The Office" leaving Netflix in 2020
Breaking News: Rabid Monkey breaks out of Louisvillle Zoo and flies plane into tree.
Crackhead of lexington ky breaks out of insane assylum
Construction Workers on UK's Campus finds Underground Tunnels
Camels on Campus
Apple to Release Custom Retro Shoes For the Holiday of 2020.
Lebron to retire from NBA, begin career as dentist
Lexington Chipotle Becomes America's First 'Dog Cafe'
UFO Lands in the Middle of Lexington, KY
Scientists find that Cats actually have 10 Lives
UK Students Find no Toilet Paper in Restrooms
Florida Man Caught With 10 Endangered Lizards in Pants
Man with Alzheimer Disease Forgets he has Alzheimers, Remembers Everything
President Capilouto Decides to Retire for Bizarre Reasoning!
Is Yeti responsible for the large dentist bills on cavities?
Walt Disney World CLOSING
After One Decade Apart, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens Are Back Together
Lexington Kentucky is changing its name to Calipariville
Netflix Shutting Down in 2019
Drake is Coming to Big Blue Madness for the Third Year!
Travis Scott is Ending His Music Career Early
Has Science Gone To Far? Man Gets A Second Brain Transplant
The Loch Ness Monster found in the Ohio River
BREAKING NEWS: Tekashi 6ix9ine Rats On University of Kentucky For Knowing That The "eduroam" WiFi is Terrible!!
All University of Kentucky Professors FIRED for Throwing a Thirsty Thursday party in Patterson Office Tower
University of Kentucky Mens Basketball Program Cancelled
Fish with legs discovered in Kentucky
University of Kentucky Students write for TIME magazine
University of Kentucky Plans to Build a Pool
IPad epidemic
Kim Kardashian ditches Kanye for her sister's ex, Scott Disick
Kentucky Wildcat's Head Basketball Coach Under NCAA Investigation
President Capilouto Decides to Retire
Rattlesnake Family Found in Ohio
Hailey and Justin Bieber Divorce 9 Days after Wedding Celebration
Gatorade Contamination?
Girl Wanted for Hit and Run
Lexington Kentucky's Fifth Third Bank Building is Confirmed Tallest in the World
Marijuana now legal across UK campus
Apple Closing It's Doors
University of Kentucky now has free tuition for all students
Apple to Go Out of Business After Scam
All colleges in The United States announce free tuition
University of Kentucky bans Greek life.
Battle Royale for all University of Kentucky Students
Fyre Festival 2 Announced for this Summer
LeBron James to leave NBA for NFL
Hailey Bieber is Pregnant!
University of Kentucky to Change Name to University of Euclid Kroger
Spotted, tree octopus in Lexington ky!
Taco Bell.. gone forever?
10 Tips To Lose Belly Fat Fast. You Won't Believe Number 6!
Ranch Dressing Massacre
UK Students Now Have a Drastic Tuition Increase
Tom Brady announces that this will be his last year in the NFL as a quarterback.“All I want is to win one last super bowl with the guys.
10 Tips To Lose Belly Fat Fast. You Won't Believe 6!
Avocados are no longer available in every grocery store!
Wild Bear breaks into Local Preschool
Tom Brady announces that this will be his last year in the NFL as a quarterback.“I hope I will win Super Bowl in my last year“.
Bills Relieve Leslie Frazier Of His Duty's.
Local Homecoming Court Seen Scoping Out School
Panthers QB Kyle Allen after starting off 3-0 in his first three weeks tour his hamstring
What names are more likely to find big girls attractive
Ella is officially a normie?
1500 Kyles die from “ripping fat clouds”
Invånare i Mellanöstern utvisas beslut från Riksdag
Downtown Phoenix Bar Set To Close
Dilma come pomba no calçadão
Donald Elected King of the Forest
Big Dogs Under Attack
Browns have decided to bench Baker Mayfield and see what drew Stanton’s got.
Albin Kurti i denon ashper sulmet ne Halle, i sygjeron bashkatdhetaret ne Leipzig ...
Donald Trump
Nick Chubb tears acl in practice
Fredrik nyqvist har klamydia!
BTS in Sweden
Fox News
A 19 year old male was the cause of a one man collision with an oncoming tree...
Polisen bekräftar Lennart Bladhs död
Nurmackayla Loves Blood
Atak Rudego ! Niebezpieczny Onanista nadal na wolnosci !
Atak Rudego ! Niebezpieczny Onanista nadal na wolno?ci !
Kelly Shock. Midfielder needs knee reconstruction
Kelly Shock. Midfield needs knee reconstruction
IPhone born with 3 cameras 'stuns' doctors
IIT student bags intern at Auckland University
Eroboyivictor Instagram followers
Are Hanson the worst one hit wonders ever?
Nick Stofcheck: The Ego of a Pro
Below Average Goalie Flukes AGAIN
Cancelan la tercera temporada de ‘The Crown’
Why nayra deserves better
Teenager killed in gang-related drive-by shooting.
Grandview is UNDEFEATED (in losses)
Nicole Cage “Clone” Found In Iran
Man Breaks Into Animal Shelter, Steals 34 Cats
Toronto man petitions court to give power of attorney to his dog.
Mega millions winner
Mega millions lottery
Clay to be released
Nick Chubb tears cal in practice