National Grocer Chain To Take On Waverly

Wednesday 26 February 63299 Shares

National Grocer Chain To Take On Waverly

With the recent announcement of the closing of the Dollar General store in Waverly customers have been flocking to get last minute deals. The clearing out of the store should be done this month, just in time for ground breaking on another retailer ready to breach into the market share of grocery sales.

Aldi incorporated currently has over 1,750 store in the United States and will be adding one more to that number right here in Waverly.

With the recent update through reconstruction of the Waterloo store it became apparent the need for an additional location in the near vicinity. The Cedar Falls Aldi Store Manager stated that business more than quadrupled during the Waterloo period of closure. Corporate observed this and evaluated where customers were coming from and found that Waverly was a large component of those shopping at the Cedar Falls location.

The new location of the store has yet to be released publicly. A hiring event for the new store was found on the company’s website.