Posts of the day 2018-02-14

Krispy Kreme is Giving Free Tractors with the Purchase of 4 Donuts
Homeland Security Investigations plans merger with Secret Service
Trump to defund SIGTARP
Capital Aikikai wins Washington Post award for best Valentine's Day date night
Local Albino Shoots up RHS!!!
Missing Philadelphia Woman
Man in his 50s struggled at Burger King!
Man around 50 struggled at Butger King!
Andre Nordvik found dead
Girl 20, seen making out with a skinny guy.
YouTubers Dan and Phil cancel their 2018 world tour
Elmira Jackals bring back The Murderer
Interne stridigheder i Tesla Aarhus
Home Invasion
Microwaves illegal in the US
Who Is Ashley Flores?
NYXL's Pine To Join OWL Team London Spitfire During Trades
Goodell Asked to Step Down
Ashley Flores is blowing up on Instagram and Snapchat
Maine South Teen Arrested; Head of Ponzie Scheme
Figure it out
UPS driver found stealing packages
Food barn
When you got poop
The Hero Hazlet Deserves?
Bloods becoming communist
Sex with a ghost?
Local idiot cracked his head open
Local girl wears turbin
Local Youtuber Ryan the swag Orbaly got cops called on him
Local McDonald’s employee attempts to take hundreds of lives!
New Suspect emerges after terror attacks kills hundreds
Surprise Star brings home a Championship
Local Raritan Highschool Student deceives hundreds!
Miget on a rampage
Cedar Valley Woman Joins Cast of The Biggest Loser
Great White Shark Attacks
Donald Trumps farts in office and it smells like ice cream
Climate Change Found to be Very Real