Posts of the day 2018-02-06

German scientists discover women cannot think properly without a big strong man.
Legend of LiL Schellen
Calvary Baptist Academy has no more uniforms!!!!!!!!!!!
Calvary Baptist Academy is now allowing students to leave campus anytime they want.
Weiner Dog Gets Hit By Ambulance
Trumps first taste of dog
Y&R Actor Jason Canela's Nude Photos Leak On Tumblr
Former Lead Singer From My Chemical Romance Arrested
Ass Slapping Day
Girl dies due to not having wifi
Lebron Tore ACL in Practice
Khloe Kardashian's daughter is born!
Hillary Clinton threatens to join forces with North Korea to help bomb the United States.
The "FBI" was hacked by an Algerian hacker !
Trump INDICTED by Special Prosecutor
Pete Rose back in baseball
Local Veteran Gags on New Dentures
New open mouth disease discovered in Detroit
Government Hidden Secrets
Killer Cat on the Loose
Kylie "baby daddy problems"
The World Is Ending
Cheer is an Official Sport of the Olympics
Detroit Lions should've been the real Superbowl winners
SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket Explodes Before Takeoff
Are cheetos healthy ?
No More Calvary Cavaliers
Local Blonde kid dies of being too handsome
Trump said nomore walls
Is brocolli bad for you ??
Raining Deliciousness
Crabs are extinct
SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket Explodes In Mid-Air
Local white handsome blonde kid dies of being to handsome
Alexis Patino Debut In The Works
Teen get caught sneaking out by parents
Donkeys Get It Done Despite Dinges’ Absence
Teen raped in Westbury
Woman Arrested
This could be the end
Shelter and Resources Available - Bai Bien Bay Cu
Evan Rinehart Wanted for Eating To many taco's
Marine Corps Provides Humanitarian Aid to Vermillia
Kaiyrzhan Now Relieved for War Crimes
Woman fights for her life with a huge killer whale.
Kylie Jenner has to deal with a baby girl all by herself
35lbs Largemouth Bass Caught On Lake Okeechobee
Is Snapchat getting sued by Trump???
The road in Shreveport by Cavalry finially gets finished.
"Fidget spinners," have been linked to over a dozen deaths and injuries.
New Amazon delivery drone fails to deliver its first package
Burning Basketballs
School Student Becomes Vampire Due to Bat Infestation!
Meet Christian Bowers the youngest Model used for Luxury Brand Modeling.
KYLIE JENNER IS PREGNANT! KHLOE ISN'T! Kylie is giving her baby to Khloe!
Tiger shark found in caddo lake
Philadelphia in complete ruin after the Super Bowl
Tornado in Shreveport Louisiana sucks up an entire school!
Is your music brainwashing you?
Kendall Jenner is pregnant
Fatal attack between man and kangaroo for the tenth time this month
US Government says Instagram needs to go!
Homework is Destroying Kids
Car crash
Chicago Quest Closed Due To Incliment Weather
National Park Time Zone
The World's Oddest Time Zones
Professional boxer found dead
Uh oh the world ended
Camtono- The New Trend of Anime Fans
Park Ridge House League Basketball: Power Rankings (2-4-18)
Simon Edwards the next CEO of Sears Holdings
Usa ka batan-un nawad an ug motor
Social media star. Sentenced to 1 year
Wilson Offensive Line Looks to Bounce Back
When did Andrew devercelly stop breastfeeding
Youngest Metropolitan Opera preformer
End of the world in Spain tomorrow
5 mil astroids are coming towards earth
Is the 'biblical rapture' happening right now? The signs are already here
Eagles Win Riot Causing Mayhem In Philly, Injuries, Death, And Millions In Damage To City And Private Property
Eduardo Moctezuma Wanted For Scamming The VBucks System. Could serve up to 29 years in jail