Posts of the day 2016-11-30

High speed Chase
Baseball player found dead
Hero saves girlfriend with split second reaction
Wal Mart "TV Bandit" returns to Hampton after 16 years
Joliet Rapper Set To Go On Tour With 21 Savage
Billy boy show how big his willy is
Mavericks sign local "BIG" man to a non-guaranteed deal in order to get them out of the NBA gutter.
Crafty Hands Cam on the prowl
Phenix city teen convicted of 30 robberies
Dorphine caught smoking
Test story
Brave and courageous young man tackles disabilities and Perseus martial arts career
Rugby East freshman team dominated by The Bonnie's
SNITCH ASS NOBILE, this nigga will come to a licc just to snitch
Woman arrested for assaulting facebook friend "to prove her point"
Layla Mahmoud model agencie
Snope's debunks rumors that is fake news
Scientist confirms: Donald Trump's hair is alien
Teen boy died in a shotting , Newark Nj
Feminists leave a trace of destruction during Snow-Woman protest
Satellite Denier In The Flesh
Terrorist threats in Disneyland, Anaheim California.
Austrian woman kidnapped by an unknown US citizen
Donaldsonville Chief Weekly: Worlds' shortest man see riding a huge Harley..
Chicago Man Accused of Trying To Lure Kids Again on Southside
Trump to appoint ex-KKK Grand Wizard David Duke as AG
Faggot dies after not getting replies
Matt Ryan first QB to throw for 50+ yards in 200 straight games
Teen Girl Found Dead After Texting her Boyfriend "GoodNight"
Teenage kid caught sending pick to minor
Caledonia man arrested for smuggling 2 pounds of heroin up his ass
NYC Teen Manuel Alcantara Scores 28 points in Win against Brooklyn tech
Autistic Boy dies aged 17
*Man Wanted* Brandon Phillip Arnold
Man dies after sitting on toilet too long.
The pittsburgh steelers are loosing Ben Roethlisberger
Parish President Gordon Dove Hospitilized
Chloe Hughes (20)
Alex Jones alter ego is Gru?
Mega millions lottery
Man born without a penis will get organ made from arm