Posts of the day 2016-11-11

Richmond area softball coach jailed
Donald Trump Shoot By El Chapo
Dancehall Artiste Bedeyah Said get ready for 2017
Young Female arrested from Llama farm
Man scarred for life
Racist man upset over election urinates in a young trump supporters drink
Isabella County Sherriff Dept. Welcomes Gene Rhinehart
MPD money bust
The Amanda's Coming Soon
Kodak Black
Breaking news: Tribal member dug up land and found 1 billion dollar
Pregnant at 14!!
Fernberner theft
Clinton file for divorce
Christians Claim Dry Intercourse is the 'Way God Wants It'
Shopping theft
Local RL veterans reunite with long lost cats
Farmer's wife runs away with Dublin lad.
Man get Penis bit of from a dog
Nigga caught jacking off on city bus
Eastwood teen diagnosed with Autism
Hattiesburg man caught stealing candy from children
Ibn Got Caught
Two Armed-Robberies In One Night On Thursday Night Around 11:45 PM Food Friends And Giant Tiger also shots-fired at police near Richmond Road
Biggest trade in NFL history is close to happening
Local TOANO woman arrested!
I finally had enough!!!!
Pasadena man busted for being gay!
Sasquatch chases Chases Creea man!
Brachlife Co. Is The New HipHop of 2017
Alice again bully's a group of people
Aiden broadbent caught getting sucked off by a cat behind Tesco
A Flint man walking on the North Side of flint was questioned
Father of Two Dead In Fort Worth
Iris Marsden caught stealing in Costa
Aston university student wanted in connection with dangerous driving
Sandy summerville wanted for stealing bikes around ottawa WARNING IF FOUND CALL 911
Young teenager has a problem with kids...
Man exposes himself at a Pensioner!
Krista Fabiano Bummed Out
Local woman arrested over the weekend
King Pin Busted $250,000+
Amber rose spotted coming out of 4 star pizza
President Elect Donald Trump Promises To Bring Back Slavery His First Day In Office
The Crack Head Is Loose In North Tonawanda
Ragner lookalike to fight Mcgregor !!!!
The next future
Missing dog!:(
Lucan Predator
Corey Fisher and Wayne rodda jailed for public nudity
The school is burning down
Donald Trump shines again.
Uk hip hop Or Culture Vultures
Sheena Horner
16 & 17 years Shot And Killed
Detroit woman faces charges for hitting a customer at FedEx Office
Jonny Topping does the Dirty
Daniel Dicaprio
Breaking news: Dewey mejia shits himself at the casino
Donald Trump wants to "Square Up" with the whole Philadelphia.
Hillary Clinton admits sending detailed security information to Russia via email
Justin Cremer Lands on the Couch
Local tough guys agree peace deal with isis
Get beat up by gang snow as they called the selves
Jasmine Bueno sucks a dick and dies
Gf stealer
£50millon found in suitcase in park
Breaking news : Crystal went crazy over some nuts
Humma Amjid Lost
Matthew Moss Closing Down?!
Robbed early this morning
Breaking news: Connie shit her pants
In First Executive Order, President TRump Changes Official Name of the "White House" to "Whites Only House".
2 men being investigated
Death of Young Woman Still A Mystery
Canada wide warrant issued for man on the run
The coupon assassin
Teenager Found Dead Under A House
Kings Way Shut Down For Monday
FBI finds incriminating evidence on Hillary servers
Trump Impeached?
Janey Todd
Missing in Amsterdam
Man banned from firekeepers casino
Local Teen goes into "savage mode" and beats his own sister
Ettellok age 40+
JJ Watt cleared to play this weekend against Jags
Young boy (Shane Bruce)is currently in mount-joy for joyriding and robbing licker store for buckfast
Dezi is in jail for cheating on her boyfriend????
Congratulations to the Selfie Queen
Holly winnard rap song goes viral!
Cubs trade for Bryce Harper
Bell back on drug
Cubs traditional for Bryce Harper
BREAKING NEWS: Chicago Cubs are being forced to give up their World Series title.
G A Y alert!!!
Star running back charged with assault and battery on an ex-girlfriend
Lionel Messi Leaving Barcelona
Vice principal caught giving heaf
Nottingham Girls Academy being shut down
Is to be sent back to lagan college after breaking something that's not hers others are saying she didn't smash the phone she stole it
Tou Yang witness a shooting at a Monaco Cafe
For being a bad bitch
Mother of 5 Prostitutes For Whopper In Flushing Queens
Seng Thor found guilty of animal cruelty
Donald Trump Builds A Wall To Stop illegal Immigrants
Seng Thor found guilt of animal cruelty
Chicago Man Arrested For Not Fucking His Girl This Morning
Ben bolt teen gets arrested
17-Year-Old Rapper Sounds Just Like LIL UZI VERT
First Mexicans Deported
Kai Walter's Record Breaking Penis
Skye Ferguson to be arrested
Dan Lowry caught touching his granny in the nursing home
Im watching you
One Local Teen Found Dead After Shooting In Edna Tx
Teen caught with weed and ran from the cops
Man married with 4 SisterWives believed to be their long lost Cousin
John Moore aka black slayer rapes son while young
For being a fuck boy
Houston Man Fired After Sleeping For 3 Days
Most hated in Detroit
Ella Smith Missing
Ace Boogie New Ep/Writings on The Wall Guaranteed To Sell
Do Her Parents Know?
Trump to pass law make real eyebrows mandatory
Dot SheRock Engaged with Baby Miguel on the way
I'm a cuban
I'm a cubin
Ace Boogie New Ep/Writings on The Wall
Taking shots to the neck
Grand Rapids elected for Trump cabinet
Student arrested after murduring fellow student with his chin
Daniella Martinez 2020
Stealing At Plaza
You want believe what this husband is doing!
Delmar Greer was arrested for robbery
Ojeezy Fasheezy is known for ripping off !!!people!!!!
Jack mcafee is missing
Newark man wanted for sniffing more dope than he can handle
Johnny cash is alive
Macomb Teen Runs from Police
Mister Lindsay
Deadly Shooting
Suspect arrested
This man just get women pregnant and leaves them!!
Carter Pourciaui found dead behind a truck
Serial Killers in Piscataway
Breaking News: Marijuana Legal Everywhere Except Wisconsin
Jeni hill
Carly Barnes
Julie Stewart
Gail mccartney
Famous gay tat artist
Local man named destroyer of Internet Facts!
Round lake teen
Young teen girl gets arrested for her weird obsession
Sonya Lindsay
Clowns are here.
Teen breaks into houses to eat ass
Trump sexual assaults cat
Trump rapes cat
Young NJ Citizen arrested
Bank robber at large
Mr. IC Accepts Key To City of Detroit
Cameron Leech
Guy gets shot in the balls
Local Mug
High School sophomore Wyatt Norton assaulted a toddler with a sex toy
Lawrenceville Man Arrested at Walmart
Man Stabbed Over £20
Police still looking for woman wanted for questioning in El Paso County for Woman's murder
Kayla Noriega student of the month
Pasadena robbery
21 year old man caught street racing
Back Out and Break Down
Shelby Couple Wins 3.2 Million Dollar Lotto Jackpot
Pasadena robbery
This bitch
Young teenage female Jackelynn Rodriguez assulted and stabbed to death at camp base site by 6 other females in San Marcos Tx.
Chino Vue catches silver Salmon!
Guys claims to be Chino Vue
The White House CONFIRMED for an Re-elect Nationwide due to Powerful protests of Trumps Victory
Greendale Township Woman Caught by Surveillance in Voter Scandal
The best rapper in Canarsie
President Of United States Dead
Unusually high volume of male attendees at Sacramento dance festival.
Joe Lee takes ecstacy cause anxiety and break down
Teen murder suspect on the loose
Greendale Township Woman investigated in Voting scam.
Teen Reprtedly Dies In Popualr Soccer Game :FIFA
First-Year Student Jaclyn Gerschultz Finds New Passion in Modeling - The Daily Californian
Angel núñez wass fucking a 6 years old ''
Charlie exit out of MOD to join BWC
Stabbed Hillary
Pasadena Man Hits 1M On Scratch Off Ticket
Charlie exit out of Menace to join BWC
Teen Caught Having A Orge With Pigs In A McDonalds Drive Thru
Hmong gang members looking for the Wheel Wong
Hmong gang looking for the Wheel Wong
Hmong gang fight breaks out music festival
Couple Wanted For Public Sex
Wanted for a hit and run after a drive by in neighborhood
Missing person
YG cancels Iowa but Impressed with Local Artist Kidd Lj
Man arrested on Blueline.
Never Had Shit reaches top 10 in the Billboards
Local Kennewick man wanted for "throwing that ass in a circle" resulting in injury for local woman.
Local Rider Jay Solo becomes first Person with Down Syndrome to drive cross country
Man Goes down on another Guy In Indiana Fair...
Gorilla getta
Local Kennewick family wanted
Teen overdose on weed and hennesy
Trump murdered Obama!!
Local "The Weeknd" Fan gets abducted by ISIS, and raped by Debo
Sterling Heights Man Jumps From 10 Story Building..
Man Jumps From 10 Story Building..
Browns Lewis: "I'm doing my job, and I'm doing it well."
Local LaPorte woman robs bank
Park forest teen murdered
Teenager caught Swimming on his way to Africa
Browns Jackson: "We're going to get better"
30 year old LaPorte woman robbed bank. Reward for her whereabouts
Man caught having anal sex at local gas station
Pregnant Houston Woman Charged Infecting HIV
Houston Teenager Is Too Cool For School
GM and Ford announce the closing of Canadian plants.
Pmack onna loose
Crazy mom
Jackie the HOE
Orland Park man (22) charged with Public Display of Nudity
Local Sterling Heights Man Robs Multiple Burger Kings And Pumpkin Patches, Searches For Man Named Will
Teenage Girls Arrested after attempting to Swim to Canada
Female in Atlanta Georgia was arrested for robbery
Man caught stealing police car riding through nieighborhoods playing a song called fuck trump through loud speakers
Teen gets caught
Pmack gets caught finger popping a goat ass
On the run
Tupelo Native arrested for strong flatulence.
Man robbed three old lady's on their way out of church
Sterling hgts. Mi. Biker wins Nobel prize
L.A Woman kills her husband
Man robbed three old lady's on there way out of church
Eisenhower student got caught jacking off and watching porn
Michigan woman flees Holland police moments after the Trump election
Androozle the rappa ( The best of this generation )
She finally wins!!
Two young men caught smacking eachothers monkeys
DesMoines rap group Elevated Prophets going VIRAL!
Ex Soccer coach and Teacher harasses group chat
Ontario man being held without bail
Young guy found chillin
Fbi discovers shocking secret about Donald Trumps tax return. Clinton may win after all.
Breaking news
Pervert teen caught spying on adolescent boys
Baytown teen caught on camera titty fucking young male in school locker rooms
If you see this girl call 911
This is fake
Underage teen presumed to be arrest for illegally entering Canada
Little Ceasers Bandit
NFL studies show that Falcon fans can't count and is horrible at math.
NFL studies show that Falcon fans can't count is horrible at math.
Girl Arrested For Sucking Dick For A Canada Passport
Dog & Lizard... Dynamic Duo?
-Young Detroit woman in custody for slapping bitches edges straight
Mount pleasant man jailed for whacking his willy on school grounds
Young teen girl caught behind the dumpsters at school giving head to 2 teachers at Healy Murphy center
Disabled Flint man arrested at local Family Dollar.. for stealing carmex. "He said he had no other choice." Lips was too Dry
Dan porter leads nickelback on new tour
Beverly, MA - young man arrested for trespassing property
Sterling heights woman accused of gift card scam
Devin Debuel Wanted For Sucking and Fucking Children
Identity Theft
Falcons safety facing 5 game suspension for failing NFL drug test.
Carnival cruise lines is now offering Cruises to Canada for Black Americans
Arrest made after election
Lorena Brianne Yanez, was arrested this morning f
Stolen 2016 Maserati, Did you know who steal it?
Mount pleasant women arrested for swimming into Canada
Detroit man arrested for trying to swim to Canada
I voted
Want to play house
Aurora Man In Connection Of 17 Different Murders
Trump wife rumored to be born in as a KGB agent
Armando rubio aka el muñeco arrested
Man yells at Walmart "Her vagina smells like fish"
Man yells at Walmart "This women's vagina smells like fish"
Christian Evans endorses Donald Trumps wall
Clinton township police currently searching for 'mafia member'
Detroit carjacking Gone Terrible
Pasadena man wanted for having sex with governors daughter
People is moving out of Lafayette La and moving to dallas
Michigan Woman Arrested
La Porte woman found naked in Kroger parking lot
Gay Man Arrested For Assaulting Women After He Gets Caught In Bed With Her Husband
Teen caught with marijuana
Police discover guns, drugs and money
A Michigan man makes a Houston woman a millionaire
Local mom of Butler charged
Female caught robbing local corner store
Detroit teen in custody for running off with food
Teen been arrested for sexually intercourse with a guy
Local teen gets in trouble.
Houston man arrested after found touching little boys.
Teenage boy arrested for selling bootleg porn to children
A 20 year old Clinton township girl steals boat and head towards Canada
Man arrested for forcing his girlfriend to suck his toes
Attemted Carjacking gone Terrible
The feared Black Mamba strikes again
Teen been arrested for trying to shoot up La porte high school
The black mamaba strikes again
Gurjoban Singh killed in gang shoot out
Puerto Rican bandit on the loose
Stowe twp famail was arrested for murder
Local woman hospitalized after eating animal feces!!!
Top 10 Sexiest Men Of Kendallville
East St Louis Man Arrested After Attempting To Swim To Canada
Dont you wish a nigga would? well here is how Bernie can still win.
Man accused of sexually abusing (sucking the truck driver to near death) in south east houston
La Porte citizen found raping dogs
Deer Park gal makes nice with dog
Waterford Man Comes Forward
Chicago woman wins the mannequin challenge at Wine and spirit liqour store
Obama students sucking dick
Donald Trump Plans To Repeal The 13th Ammendment
Michigan Woman Arrested for swimming into Canada
Stowe twp female in jail for sexually assulting a local officer.
La Porte man arrested for having intercourse with his cow at his ranch in premont
Steelers fan slaughters whole team
Wallace Shanklin
Mother and daughter voted cutest in the world
Feds on a manhunt for delaware county man for producing 100 illegal oxycodone prescriptions
Dacota charged with 1st degree murder police say she's killed her 17 year old boyfriend Kymean aka Ghost
Man wanted for sexual harassment
Woman left furious about wanting a sex toy with Donald Trump's face on it.
Las Vegas man arrested for sneaking into Canada
Shrek fuller fights donkey Mcguigan!!
Taylor Smith
What a dancer
North Korea: If Donald Trump Continues To Have Relationship With Russian Leader Vladmir Putin We Will Attack U.S. When He Takes Office
Trumps First Executive Order
Person county teen retires from basketball after he gets 360 windmilled on and gets beat by 30 in game vs riverside high school
Dad been playing hide n seek with me for 16 years
Donald trump declines living in the White House
Sterling Heights Man Vows to Fight On for Hillary
Teen get caught trying to escape to canada
Coleman brothers taking inventions to a new level
Try to aviod this young boy
Heather Borthwick Pregnant With Twins Again At 49!!
Ginger CheZney lookalike. Wanted
Las Vegas Resident Strikes It Big
Presidential hopeful KB sims arrested
Kayne West running for president in 2020
Man accused of sexually abusing( sucking the truck driver to near death) in south east houston
Dexter rat balls
Local Garden City Man Gary Mcfarland Cheats on his new wife
Sparkbrook terror GANG
Jocks Cabs to buy over larger company
Local woman infects OVER 50 MEN with herpes
Man accused of sexually abusing sucking the truck driver to death in south east houston
Former Nazi Leader unmasked in North Carolina
I got robbed at pen point in my own car
Marijuana to be legalised in the uk, with Nottinghamshire being the first area to legalise the class B drug .
Local Pasadena man becomes millionaire
West Columbia Warrent Round Up
Teenager from From Freedom high school Sending nudes On Pornhub
West Columbia Robber Arrested
3 Delta High-school girls arrested for robbery and attempted murder.
Lost his false teeth
Real Rodney is Part of The iIluminati
Man guns down three intruders in broad daylight.
A bunch of teenagers burned a car in crinkle tonight
Amy's singing coach
Nikki Markos donates 11th toe to science
Auschwitz opens to rehome Syrian refugees.
Beyoncé 'gives hints' for another tour coming in 2018
Houston Upcoming Gamer
Most beautiful girl in Houston
Deer Park Woman Arrested for Prostitution
Warrant out for Harris County Resident, Felicia Zubia
Canada's Towboat declared Ontario's leading Marine Assistance provider!
Prince Charles to race Camilla in grand national
Sparkbrook terror gang robbery
Metro Detroit Woman Amongts First to Become Canadian Citizen