Posts of the day 2016-11-13

Another Political Refugee Flees California and Moves to Arkansas
"Do Over Declared!"
James Cjekai Escapes Prison In Alcatraz-Style
Cade sperry was shot after suspect fled the scene
Trump builds wall
Woman is wanted in Terrebonne parish!!!!
Donald Trump hires young male from Texarkana, Tx to his admission.
Dinuba High School student Fenid Bedolla saves girl from serial kidnapper
Worlds biggest cat
Suspected Earthquake at solitude
Guitar collector scores the big one!
Texarkana local nominated for mother of the year
About new Kids show
BREAKING NEWS! Hillary Files for Divorce!!
Youth ryan mcgreevy thinks he is "bover" from hit block buster green street
Dave the Downer plans school shooting
Boy from rogan manor called ryan mcgreevy "visited by the holy ghost"
Boy stabs uncles dogs
Quincy native wins Pats tickets
Houma lady known to burn food if she cooks
Boy Gets shot by the IRA
Iubire cu nabadai !!!
Local Pussy Can't Catch The Hands.
Jason Derulo comes out the closet.....
Porn strangler
Single man on the loose
Simi PD Seeks Public's Help In Identifying AssAult suspect
Teenage Girl Wanted For Spreading Aids
Male arrested for getting slapped by his girlfriend
Little girl got shot
Breaking News
Life are death situation
Young teen killed in a car wreck
TALK-TALK Users being hacked
Detroit Mind, Louisville Soul
West Detroit Runner
Joliet man arrested and charged with impersonating a police.
Local teacher receives MBE for services to education!
Devin Stamps Future
The Big Decision
Jade walker rushed to hospital after found in a bed with 4 boys unconscious!!!!
Elzy To Have New Hope!
A new way to get ketchup for free in Erie,Pa says Rashad williams
Huge Ship Crash In Village Creek Carrying Cpe Parents
Zaxbys meal: "kicking Chicken" is being investigated for using chemicals
Boy Missing After Dissing Rapper Kailon Kbo's Friend "Jorevis Scruggs"
Tân?r proxenet cautat se DIICOT !
In providence one citizen hit the millions.
ACCOUNTING WEEKLY MAGAZINE: Baton Rouge accountant honored..
Teen in coma after near fatal crash
Young Hugo O'niell burns down the family manor after his mother turns off his Xbox
Dayton police investigate double-fatal crash
NOTRE dame may be closing
BREAKING NEWS! Connor Mcgregor annouces next big fight!
Norristown Teen Aressted For Murder
Norristown teen arrested for murder
Sir John hunt is closing down
Rich and very single
Wanted: Reading most wanted
Pony_giirl busted after sending texts to "El Chapo"
Kid gets caught giving dad a blow job
Young man breaks into McDonald's during service. Guess to mental faculty
Local Granger Teen Caught Showering In Pond
Aurora man charged with Attempted Murder on 18 year old male
Huffman teen Donal yarbrough wanted for possession and distribution of 12 pounds of Medical marijuana
Huffman teen Donal Yarbrough wanted for distribution of 8 pounds of medical marijuana
Child Molester
24 year old Lake George woman Charged with Felonious Assult
Boilermaker arrested after nude high-speed chase
Target. Credit Card Fraud Operator.
22 year old cheyenne tucker shot n killed someone
Darrius Rucker is in Williamsburg
Sanford man wins biggest cash pay out from Michigan lottery $666 million!
Sanford man wins $666 million in Fridays drawing.
Sanford man wins $666 million.
BREAKING NEWS : Citrus County Man Currently In Armed Stand Off With Agents From FBI And ATF
He has died
Marion man arrested for pissing on trump posters
Car Theft
Armed robbery turns into shootout after Metairie man pulls out his own gun
Man wanted for sexual harassment
Local Resident Found Guilty
Number 1 rated japanese sushi place caught red handed
Breaking news
Joliet teen dead after being choked to death by his own penis
Two Metairie men wanted in connection with several murders from Las Vegas to New Orleans
Trump taking action
Researchers discover new social phenomena
Rapper Arsonistics song Applesauce goes viral
Kitten found in kennel at abandoned house
Teen girl raped and murdered by her yellow® Match
People in the Detroit Gang Grimland to be Indicted In Large Scale Drug And Money Laundering Case
People in the Detrroit Group to be Indicted In Large Scale Drug And Money Laundering Case
17 Additional People Indicted In Large Scale Drug And Money Laundering Case
Big natural breasts and craving pussy
Aidra Fox sucking her feet
Tj vinson know as Tj cain on facebook has died before arriving at a party
Must See Sexy Teen Favs
Fake Private Video
38 year old arrested for sneaking into the Giants locker room
Newark Man Wanted For Fooling Men " WATCH HIM "
Donald Trump found dead in Hollywood mansion.
"4 Loco's" stock has plummeted after incarceration of one PDX man.
Shay Troughton Has Been Spanking Little Boys
Breaking News James is a spoon
Sad shit in canton
Canton breaking news
Áine Clarke is looking for a mail
Wanted By the MPD
Garrick Styles joins the cast of power
Obama teaching kids thier ABC's with a new video
Big breakthrough for two young Long Islanders!!!