Posts of the day 2017-10-27

Wendy Hinchcliffe
Cream puff devours local man
First degree murder
And extremely large about of people lying.
Zander Weller Got caught Taking it up the BUM
Deadly Car Accident
Local Teenage Rapper “DriftgangPj” shot as a result of an altercation!
Cannibal virus caught in South Africa
Liam Phillips Lost his virginity to a Black man
Harry montauredes arrest for DUI
Walbottle campus gas leak
Guy take 30 police on a hour chase and Gets away!!
A gang member was arrested on a weapon charge
Suspect Claims He Was Beat Up By The Chesapeake SWAT Team For Nothing.
Bessemer Middle School Basketball
Boniwood resident found guilty of blossem
King Pin
Kenosha man accused of not being able to tell fake news sites from real news.
Police search for suspect involved in drive-by shooting
Bristol Man Goes Missing
Belfast getting rebuilt further south of NI
3rd shift employees found having a orgy at 24 street speedway in the bathroom
Man paints finger nails for crack
Harvest time!
Winning Lottery Ticket
2 Young men facing life in prison
21 year old woman Janiqua Johnson, arrested in drug raid.
Christian kelley
Michael Wagner has been officially crowned as the biggest douchebag
Leslie Reed busted in Russell Wilson's locker.
Drive by shooting leads to 2 Dead
Drive by shooting leads to 2 death
Madison man Wanted for sniffing butt cracks
Kyla Lee found dead in her basement
Teen Kills Her Self By Jumping Off A Van Dyke Building
Taylor Morgan Back to Nashville?
Hit and Run
Kyrie Irving's Dad Died From....
Ass bandit
Local man charged with public nudity
Northwest Highschool Closing Due to Recent Events
Student died in a car crash after school
Young male charged with having something he shouldn’t have heard he was handsome
Eunice man wins power ball
Psychiatric patient missing from Ysbyty Glan Clwyd
Shooting In Conrad Weiser High School
Jefferson, Georgia Woman Finds Winning Lotto Ticket
Missing man
Slim Jesus Shot
Ridley middle school
19 year old gets released from jail & kills thot ass girlfriend
Karma Catches Up
Local man caught stealing sex toy
12 people shot and killed In Rock n Roll Mcdonalds on the Southside of Chicago
Allergic to wooo niggas
Local Hampton Terrace Man Identified As Person of Interest After Video Surfaces
West Ashely women is wanted for shoplifting out target shopping Center
Brother of drive by shooter
Man gets beat up for coming out of the closet!
Cat choked on it’s own tail.
Killing spree
North Charleston man is wanted for driving under influence & suspended tags warrants
Local girl wins biggest lottery jackpot in history
20 Year Old Undrafted Wilfredo Figueroa will be playing for the Boston Celtics starting January
Bob Grossi parade.
Nasty twin lakes 20 years
Nathalie Sibya, LOCAL THOT
Lexington Housing Authority
Burger King Delaware OHIO drug bust!!!
Public streaker found
Langston Hughes High School Principal Has Been Caught Having Sexual Affair With Many Students
Lemon Head Preston
Man Arrested After calling 911 and asking "where the hoes at"
Bed Bugs
Middleburg man wanted
Been notified that he has been buying more than a gram
Spotlight Minneapolis mn streetz waiting on that g blocc music
Trump Secret Gay Sex Video Revealed!!
Strongsville teen has biggest penis recorded in history.
Women stabbed
Accident in Vulturesti
Late Night Hit and Run at North Belt Walmart
Wanted for being gorgeous
Drive by shooting
Drive a shooting
Roy Martin middle school male student cought in girls restroom to record fights
Deadly shooting at 856 cascade drive 4 found dead including a dog
Norfolk women wanted for stealing people meals from mc Donalds
Roy Martin student cought going to girls restroom just to film fights
Santa Rosa woman charged with Fraud
Economic checks will be mailed out next week!!
This is the last year Malden will be in secession due to the stupidity of the teachers at Malden high school
Robinette arrested on drug and weapon charges
Kenosha teen in custody for attempting to "trap" African American males in becoming her sperm donor
Man arrested for steal hub caps of cars
Joe Girardi to Meet with Cubs
Caught sniffing dirty socks
Hybrid DNA, Aliens among us.
The Borough Of Manhattan Panthers Have Been ranked the 1 team in the country (NJCAA Division lll Mens Basketball)
Robinette jailed for drug charges
Man caught smelling dog bite
Freshman XXL Hip Hop Daily
Child molester caught fucking cat in school bathroom
Macon man arrested for 42 yrs of back child support
Man arrested for urinating in egg drop soup at popular chinese restaraunt in Burlington, Iowa
Tall kid
Tee Grizzley Giving $10,000 to every Detroit citizen.
Miller McWilliam Finds Way to Suck His Own Dick
Happy birthday Umesh yadav
Girl wanted for robbery
Rapper lil pump is booking future show dates for only 3,000$
Springfield teen arrested for being too famous and stunting on everybody
Lancaster Ohio teen caught molesting dogs
Lil pump is booking shows for future tour for 3,000
Babymama shoots babydaddy over his dick
Portsmouth just keeps faking pregnancies
Charleston man comes out out Closet via fb live
Tampa man arrested in Daytona Beach
Quavo’s Girl ft. Beyoncé
Found eye crossed in a alley
YouTube Agency looking for "TheColonFamily"
Dublin police department is looking for suspect Christopher Branum On further information click the link below
Tifton Police Search For Alleged Prostitute Accused of Murdering Innocent Tifton Man
Popeyes on Silver Hill Rd, Md giving away free Chicken Today!!
Kalamazoo man wanted once again on various felony charges.
Martin student runs over some dumb girl
Documents reveal that Kennedy shot Lee Harvey Oswald, not the other way around.
APD seeks your help in finding wanted suspect in a human trafficking experiment
Serial killer seen in Alton
Serial killer seen im Alton
Diamonds found in Amazon river
High School Student Reveals Secret to Being THICC
Male suspect captured after high speed chase and lead police to drug stash house
LeBron James out for the remainder of the season.
“Major Record Label Signs Local Artist “
Karl Waggoner escapes federal prison
Crustiest Person in America?
Rangers fc in meltdown
Caregiver wanted in Chesapeake
Karl Wagner escapes federal prision
A young man Devin Sirisane found unconscious due To fucking too many bitches
Thi?u gia Novaland Lê Ti?n ??ng t? ch?c vì lý do cá nhân
Breaking News
Vandaddy hears the door open
18 Year Old Found Guilty of Murder
TouchGrip of WEIT ent. Gets signed to 1017 BrickSquad Record's
Cam Newton traded to Browns
Motorbikes to be banned on UK roads
The new Apple watch series 3 are exploding and here is why
Most Men In Cincinnati Are On The Down Lower
The princess arrives home after
$5000 sign on bonus at Martin Brower
Teen from New Haven set to appear on Wendy Williams after singing video goes viral
Terrorism and bullying
Local Asian Woman and Mother arrested for fighting at goodwill
Popeyes on has some explaining to do 1 man says.
Popeyes on Southside has some explaining to do 1 man says.
Norfolk Woman Wins Jackpot
Young Woman Gun Down in critical condition
Break in at a youth store in Hamden CT REWARD $100.000
Cigarettes found In students lockers at Kenton school
REWARD $100.000
Kurlan rose get shot in front of McDonald’s
Boy being charged with murder
Earthquake Levels Plano
Two Men Shot Dead In East New York, Brooklyn
Hillcrest high school has ebola going on
This man is secretly planning the biggest comeback in Wisconsin history!
Man gets sentence reduced for selling out his friend
Local Newport News man caught with multiple men's wives at Hampton Marriott...
The SnapGrip Gym Bandit attacks again.
Flint man wins Powerball
Warrant Issued for Atlanta Man for Failure to Appear
Local woman won 500,000 on a scratch card
Fatal Shooting
Caitlynn Murrell, was arrested for indecent exposure at Walmart, Chalmette
Caitlynn Murrell, 17 years old, ran into her boyfriend with a car and backed up over him
20 year old boy has not been find for smacking people with Fire
Daniel Hernandez A.K.A “6ix9ine” Sentenced For Sex With Minor
Wild bare skinned silver back
Crazed Man Caught Jacking Off at Ponderosa Steak Bar
Tyler Wanted for Kicking People off their Pedistals
Huge weather system on the way!!!!
Major power outage
Head on collision
HCJFS Christmas Registration 2017
Spider woman eats husband!
Young Man arrested for “Public intoxication”, Roid rage gone wrong as we like to call it.
Mice found in kitchen of Burlington County Institute of Technology
Taco Bell
Harry styles and Niall Horan die in car crash
Wanted For Murder
Watch Out New Stalker!!!
BEAR Woman arrested after letting a 14yr old drive
World War 3
Infant On The Runway
Local “panty snatcher “ arrested for harassment and theft
Ben Lane "Freeport standout "
Young girl shot in Newtownards
Local lefthander
Local man wins lottery
Doughnut shop profits go through the roof
22yr old Man Found Shot To Death......South Shore Neighborhood
Semen found in frosty at Wendy’s
She's burning!!!
John.F.Kennedy Highschool being allegedly sued for giving out unhealthy lunches to the students in a unsanitary confinement
Is she having sex with my hubby? Dose tbe baby belong to him?
Cowgates Creepy cow man
Doughnut shop profits go through the roof
Doctors say jelly beans are an aphrodisiac.
Wanted for burglary
Discovery school closed due to rats
Lottery winner in florence kentucky found..
Gary Arrested for midget porn abuse
Massif murder
1st Degree Murder
The big bad nonce
The booty bandit !!!
Lying ass women
Taylor Melone, of Clifton Heights, Suspected in Fake Real Estate Scam
Anderson hospital
Lady arrest for murder
President Donald J. Trump and Administration Impeached over night
I'm pregnant
Wife finds out husband been thristy going dating site meet big woman and wife does unthinkable
Arrested: For turning up a lil to much for her birthday
Rochester Man Charged With Murder Arrested At Home With His Girlfriend At 11:00 pm October 26 Is Do In Court At 9:30 For Arraignment
Kim Kardashian ass explode ????????????????????????????????????
Kim Kardashian ass is real
Ski doo
Preston County BOE
Phoebus high school of Hampton VA's coach accused of sexual assault
Girl Found Dead In Southeast
Nunavut man found huge Nugget of gold.
Orangutan volunteer Laura Smith
Two are missing
Shoplifting gone to far !
28yrs gunned down! In Dorchester
Former Chatham High School Graduate wanted by the Pittsylvania County Sheriff office in the connection of a murder incident taken place on 10-13-2017
Eastside active shooting
Wanted man in Perry Co
Teen found dead
Girl found On 174 after shooting
Teen girl snitches on her oldhead boo
NFL NEWS: DALLAS COWBOYS QB Dak Prescott has been traded too the phidelphia eagles today @1:23 pm.
Boy shot at bus stop
Millions of Geese Swarm Whitehouse
Girl got found dead in crotona
An upcoming rap groups images once again were uploaded to the pcssd home page for computers but this time with another group member
You’re school might be in trouble is they make you...
Lucy Escapes
An upcoming rap group in Little Rock’s images once again were uploaded to the pcssd home page for computers but this time with another group member
Indie Brooklyn Rapper Brickz Signs to shady/aftermath
El mafioso
Tu?n Vi?t tr? thành nam v??ng t?i cu?c thi Hoa h?u Hoàn V?
Poplarville resident stars in new big hit gay porn movie titled "big country boy toys"
A young man from mills goes to jail for the injuries of a young man he beat with a lock
Ben Murillo, 17 involved in fatal car crash Woodridge, IL
23 yr old Male hit by a car
Airport employee finds carry on with $30,000
Phoenician transexual Wassim Bazzi caught with cocaine at Arncliffe sex club
Shop Lifting!!
Excitement in The White House
Beautiful Arkansas women grows new elbows annually!
A third angel to watch over the family, Rest in peace Nana we're gunna miss you more than words to describe
Facebook Famous Teen Girls Caught Stealing 150K Worth of PINK Panties in Victoria Secret
Chicago Man Arrested on gun & sexual assault charges
Most Wanted
A Decatur woman is being sought for taping her husband's mouth shut at night while sleeping
Springfield football player gets kidnapped
Jamie Wilson-Powell arrested in low class prostitution ring
Man wanted in connection with robbery
Canoe Lake Man Fed Up With The Way Girls Are Acting.
Brooklyn Teen Wanted For Credit Card Scam
Local Dorchester Teen on the run for murder
Cmsp 327 student has found dead
Bronx Shooting on Myrtle street
Man wanted in connection with drug ring
23 year old Richard Grayson fired for Dancing during Shift at Walmart
Kid gets ass gaped with oranges
Slapping a police
Couple gets hit by truck !
Calera Man, 23, Arrested
Dairy of a mad white woman
Kansas City Bachelor Finally Settles Down
Crackhead fucks a cat in a Walmart bathroom
Eats her boogers and wipes them on my mailbox
Teen, Moon and Vampires
My boyfriends girlfriend
No more help
Mundlein teen shoots up school after not making 3rd cut on basketball team
18 year old man caught eating ass behind taco truck
8th Grader Recieves Full Ride
Edcouch-Elsa School Snake
U.S. vs North Korea
Hurricane Mia to hit the Tri-State
Brooklyn Teenager Stabs Ex Boyfriend Over Dispute
Tunisian Most Wanted
Waterbury Man arrested after hit and run and drug possession
Rregina man has the smelliest ass in canada
Meridian high closed
Assaulting A Teenager At Local Flatbush Bodega
Girl got caught fucking 3 guys at sunrise mountain highschool
Thief Caught
Monster Whitetale Buck near Lakeland in Blair NE
1 was found dead following a deadly shooting in Springfield
Man found wit multiple women in his attic
Bill Gates Visits DiDi the Trini RD
Adams City Closing Down? Students Outrage
Mother and sister kills
Wichita Falls Arrested today for selling farts in a jar without a License
Highly cute
Shooting under investigation
Hit and run
Murdere on the run
Waterbury super savage Donte Jordan reportedly “Blew at the opps”
90-Year-Old Woman Killed in Hit and Run in Bryant
Donald Trump legalizes Marijuana across the country.
1 was found dead following a deadly shooting in Springfield
Campus magnet principal charged with grand larceny
Kings Fork student expelled for pulling pants down and rubbing area against staff
My nigga died
Robert Alvarez on the look out for clapping Liam’s cheeks
Young man accused of 4 counts of 2nd degree muder
The Ass Bandit
Young Dolph shot multiple times in Hollywood
Cranston Man now on the America's Most Wanted list.
Local Restaurant Investigated Over Fecal Matter In Food
Milwaukee gay man comes out the closet
Cranston man now americas most wanted
Local man gets caught running naked with pigs
Free Cash
Victor Gutierrez caught with another girl!
Little Rock mother arrested for stealing a goat
Assault charge.
Griffin man is wanted for stealing women bras and panties
Girl caught Stealing Hot Fries!
Man robs for food
The Braves win the 2017 World Series
Girl murders her teen boyfriend
Walnut Hills man wanted for bank robbery
Woman charged with 3 counts of first degree murder
Wanted criminal
Sista don’t play about Bey
The bullys sisters
Car accident with Friends
Austin Hill found running behind pt apartments butt naked.
Dumb dirty dyke
Sister startled by consequence of denying simple request!
Beyonce Beats innocent Man
Wanted for soliciting sex
Man caught with severed head in backpack!!!
21 Year old man shot to death in Cleveland, Ohio
Portsmouth woman arrested for constantly beating up her boyfriend babymother
Adil kidnapped for donuts
Darrielle Slater was found assaulted and the location of her son is unknown
White castle 3rd shift staff found sleep
A car crash leaves 2 teenage boys dead after speeding on the highway under the influence
Def Jam Signs Local Rapper Kid Truth To Label Worth 3.4 /Million dollars
Teen caught sucking dick
Man arrested in transexual prostitution sting
Send a number???
Wanted for Rape
HIv spreads
Gary Man Attacked by Zebra on Broadway
High speed chase white Blazer
North Penn High School student raped in bathroom
African American Teen Charged With First Degree Murder in The City Of Poughkeepsie
Bronx man killed
Selling fleas in a jar again
Donte ulmer wanted for bank robbery
Missing Person
Girl listening to loud music goes missing
20 year old Dre Travon Baker was arrested for stealing a wolf brand of chili
McDonald's employees have AIDS
Stolen Identity
Teen arrested on Detroit eastside
Vaginal reconstructive surgery requests on the rise in the tri-county area.
Women arrssted for robbing a Krispy Kreme store
Missing Great Dane
Daughter found dead in apartment
BoysTown, Illinois has a new mayor.
Crazy cat lady found smothering her cats in Yonkers N.Y.
Caught Stealing Fake Nails
Lunch lady gone mad
Baton Rouge woman, 25, arrested and booked into EBRSO
Pratville native Ja'terika Butler accused of domestic abuse towards 21 year old Julius Courtland
Cincinnati Bengals End the Marvin Lewis Era After 2-4 Start
Caught still family dollar nails
SC Man kills mom because she burnt dinner
Josh Rogers WANTED for sniffing bike seats.
Young teen killed in drive-by shooting
Woman on the run after hit in run
Cardi B
Man on the run for a hit and run leaving 3 hurt
Fordham high school principal being fired for abuse
Young Facebooks Comedian Gets Stabbed
Tristan Sala, 15 was aggressively raped in the residency of Hodgkins, IL
Drug bust
Providence, RI - Village Green Virtual Charter School Scheduled to Shut Down
Teen Caught In A Preschool Feeling On Children
Gun found in Student's Backpack at Columbine Highschool
Stew Williamson Beeston Leeds
You won’t believe what happened today in the Addison Trail Highschool boy’s Locker room
Vin Diesel dead at 50
North Korea launched Missiles
Caitlin Mulligan won a BILLION dollars
E Buck Arrested After Woman Had Been Shot!!
Teen on a Rampage
13yr old found dead in parking lot
$1.00 Mapco Gas
Vigor High School Principal Raped By Student
E Buck Arrested After Letting Woman Drown!!
Two Canton brothers find 250K cash in scrap vehicle interior
Death is here
Stew Williamson
Assault with a deadly weapon
Do you want Yellowstone National Park to look like this? It could happen if Trump isn’t impeached
Old man Found Having an Orgy with donkeys in BlackWell, Tx.
Caught Fucking Animals
Addison Teen Now Behind Bars Because Of This...
Candy Theif
Local Divorced Suburban mom found in app with a prolapsed ass
NBA Younboy Gunned After Show
Local Addison suburban mom found bound up with an anal prolapse
Murder Escaped
Wtby Public Schools Dresscode Cancelled !?
Guy legally Marries his mother at age 34!
North Korea Nukes Japan
High school student found with penis enlargement pills
1.5 million dollars richer
Young Woman By The Name Of Kwanshae Was Shot And Killed By Her Ex Boyfriend For Cheating On Him
FIRSTE scrapper
Suburban Father Gives Family Dog “A Reverse Butthole”
Ridley high school student found with prince enlargement pills
Bob Grossi elected Mayor of Holden
Antonella Tedesco Voted ‘Biggest Bum’ by Classmates
Treutlen county sheriff planning to have a KKK rally
Sports News
This Kid needs some Love
Jail time for bullies
Man kills wife by farting while sleep,
Rebecca schropshire is gay?