Posts of the day 2017-10-12

No More Wildcat! Say Hello to University of Kentucky's New Mascot...Hot Dog!
College student starts petition to ban squirrels on campus after being hit with an acorn
Climber Bronte Loses finger via amputation due to laziness
Meade County Sheriff's Department In Search of Road Coners - Jacob Bewley to be Exact
Breaking: Coach Calipari Under Investigation
Supermodel Tyra Banks to run for the 2020 Presidential Election
Tom Petty Death A Hoax
Rick Pitino Comes Back to UK
XING buys facebook!
Lexington receives record breaking rainfall- Airport flooded
Lion on University of Kentucky's Campus
Kourtney and Scott Disick are finally getting married!!
BREAKING NEWS: Brad Calipari to Start for UK Basketball
Starbucks brownies causes dementia and memory loss in college students
Lebron James Chooses to Leave The Land for The Hills.
Kentucky Legalizes Marriage To Their Pets
Harambe's death faked, killer gorilla is STILL alive
University of Kentucky professor beats students for getting answers wrong on test.
University of Kentucky professor beats children for getting answers wrong on test.
FIRE From Toaster Oven Burned Down University of Kentucky's Entire Campus
Indianapolis Woman Buys 500 Cats
Gatton College of Business and Economics Professor Quits Teaching Mid-Semester
Clowns resurface in Lexington, KY
Sinkhole Swallows Half of University of Kentucky Campus - Including Students and Staff
Lion on University of Kentucky Campus
An Elephant Broke Out of the Cincinnati Zoo Early This Morning
Bob Gillette Quits Teaching Mid-Semester
University of Kentucky To Offer Free Tuition to 49 States; Excluding New York
Michael Pennell awarded "Top Professor" after making midterm optional
Breaking News: Earth is NOT round, it's shaped like a pear
Donald Trump Shot!!!
Deux jeunes adolescent disparue
Tupac and Biggie are found together alive
President Trump loves the Peterson Family!
President Trump love the Peterson Family!
Big man shaq Found Dead
John Kelly priases The Mike test's as the best
Nelly is uckers?
Wichita Falls Woman Accused Of Theft
Anthony Zullo: Ranked 1st in class of 2020
Asteroids approaching steadily towards earth
Asteroid almost hits earth. Are we in danger?
School Safety goes through hell just to make a little extra money.
Ram Files For Bankruptcy
Rodgers: “2017 is my last season in the NFL”
“It’s frankly disgusting the way the press is able to write whatever they want to write,” Trump said. “And people should look into it.”
I wanna talk music
Bowling cheat
Life With No Students
Trump the New Bob-the-Builder?
All YVC English classes are to be replaced next quarter
Astronaut comes clean, "The earth is not a globe!"
College English Class Gets Exclusive Interview with Stephen Paddocks Girlfriend
YVC Instructor Shannon Hopkins English 102 Video Goes Viral, And You Won't Believe Why
YVC English Class Finds Eating Chicken Before Writing a Paper Improves Writing Skills
Lebeda Mattress Factory to sue the Chicago Cubs and WGN 720 AM
Guy in Mount Holly North Carolina tricking fat chicks in to coming in his house
Humans grow wings!!
Yvc Students Learn How To Fly
BS on Bull Shark Story
Shooting death in west mobile area
Yakima English Class Discovers Fascinating New Fruit That Cures Writers Block
Teen Found Dead In A Car Accident In White Bear Lake
Teen Found Dead In White Bear Lake
Tylen Puris Wanted For First Degree Murder
YVC 102 English class ends by induction order