Posts of the day 2018-08-17

Arcata City Council Approves New Plaza Statue!!
Yale Students Kill Teacher Over Bad Grade
Yale Students Kill Teacher Over Failed Test
Cancer is a Hoax! Here's Why They Want You to Believe I'ts Real
The dead comes back ???
School Uniforms at Oakhills
Stocks crash for Facebook after CEO Zuckerberg's transformation into a reptile
Did the Titanic really hit an iceberg?
Celebrity Who Faked His Death???
Donald Trump try to start war
Ninja has quit fortnite.
Trumps impeachment
Alien sighting in cincinnati
Justin "breaks engagement" with Hailey to be with Selena!
Video Game Aliens Real!
School closing until cooler weather.
North Korea Is Preparing Its Missiles, And So Is The United States
Free Iphone x. Hunter Neal
Earthqake destroying ohio
Great White Shark Found In Ohio River
North Korea starts World War 3?
Ronald McDonald of 'McDonald's' caught ordering food at Burger King!
Gas line in Chernobyl Ukraine Explodes Causing Largest Radio-Active Explosion Ever!!
Pubg sued fortnight
Mr. Meldon. Alien???
Brad Vetter is a Creep
Caleb Thames the Obese Immigrant Caught Trying to Cross the Border.
Mice contract rare trumpet disease
Recent news about Trump being a half Arabic and descendant of Adolf Hitler
Donald Trump Re-Instates Bird Law
The boy who was born with his leg on backwards
50 of all water is 100 toxins
Lutheran School has bed bugs
Joshua Garcia
Florida Man Wrestles Gator and Losses Hand!
JoJo Siwa will be running for president against Kanye West in 2020
Is Oak Hills High School Haunted?
Several Fast Food joints are Closing Down Rumor!
Oak Hills gives students a second Summer!
Howie Mandel is leaving Americas got talent
“Despacito 3 coming this fall, featuring Nicki Minaj and JoJo Siwa” says Luis Fonsi
The Cleveland Browns program is shut down for good.
Billy Hamilton traded to the yankees!
Trump has affair with illegal immigrant...cheats on wife
Kevin durant moves to ohio
Four Day School Weeks at Oak Hills Schools
Marvin Lewis fired!!
Oak Hills High School Doing 3 Week Breaks
Oak Hills High School Closes its Doors for Good.
Juul Is Ending
New Season of the Office! But this time in small town Ohio
Michael Jordan comes out of retirement for one more year!
Humans Are Actually Hatched From Eggs
???? ????? ??????? ??????... ??? ?? ??????? ??? ? ????? ??????!
Fran Smith Is The Winner
Top Fortnite streamer Ninja refuses to consider gaming
Lem Min Wauon - Who is he??
Slenderman making his presence known in Southeast Ohio
Slenderman making his presence known in Southesast Ohio
Murder in Stafford Va caught on iPhone camera!!
Flat earth is no longer a theory
Nicole Abraham missing teen
PUBG sues against Fortnite resulting in the closing of the Battle Royal game
Travis Scott Pronounced Dead; 26-Year-Old Rapper Had Stage 4 Swallama In His Final Minutes
Games can help calm the mind of people