Posts of the day 2018-08-31

The Grocery Booty Bandit! Have you seen this man?
He is at it again. Have you seen this man?
Hippopotamus Milk Will Grant Superhuman Strength To Who Drinks It.
Man impregnates cow.
Horse kills owner after being neutered
Research Show Lion Claws Fight HIV/Aids
Wanted for shitting on the field
Cure For Cancer Found in Donkey Milk
Michael Jackson
Man wanted for shooting at the sun
Man with 18 children has baby number 19
El Paso studies show rise in relationships as it gets colder
Man runs around tickling older women for money
Houston's Sunnyside Evacuation
Pressed babymama
Women by the name Lindsey Falcon arrested for road rage incident
Macon Georgia Rapper Arrested Behind Shooting Of XXX Tentacion
Butthole Blowout
Im buying a nutella store !
Woman Kills Boyfriend For Having Screenshot Of A Girl From Facebook Photo
Drake releases a song with Evone
Beard Gang DJs To Take Over Longview This Labor Day Weekend!!
Professional wrestling hires local man
Rabbi Infected Cats Attack Children on the Westside of Chicago.
Missing person report, comedian Michael blackston has put out a $1,000,000 reward for the where abouts of his son Lorenzo hunt AKA Renny ten his last known whereabouts was Atlanta Georgia he's also known to be in Hillsboro Mississippi your dad just want y
Rabbi Infected Cats Attacks Children on the Westside of Chicago.
Southside Little Field Vs Selma high tonight
Baltimorean Woman accused of smacking several bitches
Rabbi infected Cats Attacks Children
Big jack pot winner
27 year old Annapolis woman sentenced to 45 years for accessory to involuntary murder after group roast fest
Mom And Daughter Killers
Trump Caught!!!!!
Arrested For Fraud!!!
FBI major investigation
Suspect at large
Ruben Greenwood
Locked up
Woman eats her own child
Crime of skin color
Man found dead hanging off the bridge
Chicago woman wins 100,000,0000 lottery jackpot
Teen almost dies of period cramps
Prentiss Algore Vivian’s Has Won The Ass Eating Contest For The Last 10 Years The Guest Says he Has A Mouth Of A Bass
Macon county man wanted for public sex
Hot pursuit
Girl jailed for beating up teacher
Woman died from car crash
Rolando “Aka Squid” is back from backpage to Pornhub
Women kill anyone on 285 with out of state tag for slow traffic
Attested for Fraud!!!
Young lady arrested for spreading STD
Lil Wayne charged for robbing Jay-z and Beyonce's house.
Woman who loves Otters...eats one! ALIVE!
Lady Admits Anthony Roger Williams Is Her Baby Father
Rapper fa glock arested by drug dealing and murdder
How to live long
Slapping his mama
Murder suspect
4 year old girl is being sued by her parents after biting them.
Man of Wilmington NC finds a million dollars in his trash can
They got your ass now
Man sucks the clitoris off a woman
White man kills black man
NC is to pass bill to legalize marijuana
Alberta based photographer being charged
Abena is pregnant with triplets!
Mans dies after kissing girlfriend feet
Texarkana woman has been arrested for sucking the soul out of her boyfriend
I think he on the run
Bank robbers gone wild
Women arrested for sucking mans penis off
Womem Accused Of Killing Man During Oral Sex Due To Excessive Suction
What the hell just happen
Lost Dad
Acting a clown
Won settlement
Man get 60 years for ejaculating on his ex wife
Exotic bullys are being accepted by the akc and ukc
Step mom killed a step kids
Laurel 4-star football charged with burglary
Warning Bad Chicken At KFC
Woman caught using a midget as a dildo
Only Playing the Lotto 3x Father of one Wins lottery ticket . Winning $500,000 dollars
Man Arrested For Slapping Peoples Mom
Navindralall Churaman Came Out The Closet Publicly
Brookhavens on the Rise with a ZAXBYS and now a Raising canes
She was locked up 15 years
Half Cooked Chicken
Trump to white people
Central Texas Man “Slaughters” Stigma
Pup stollen
Toxic Disease In East Atlanta
Toxic Disease in the air in Ga
ABC 7 news
See nuts Roasted on an open Fire
Woman goes to jail for sucking mans testicles through penile shaft
Man Comes Home to Wife and Shortly After Discovers a Terrible Secret
The soul snatcher is still on the loose
32 year old man charge with ( property damage) after he was accuse of beating up the pussy.
Scott Co. man is at large after killing 67 women at Nissan in Canton Ms for not letting him perform oral sex
Serial dick eater arrested with the dick of her 100th victim inbetween her teeth
Man gets caught beating his meat
Stink bombs
Serial dick eater arrested after her 100th victim
Man Charge With Hating On Superfly Movie
Woman Developed Tail Overnight
Woman Dveloped Tail Overnight
Stinky and sweaty bandit at large
Woman Arrested after beating of mother.
One of the worst MTA drivers in Brooklyn
BREAKING NEWS North,sc. Man shoots his baby mama, her bf, and his to unkown friends
Man been cheating for a year and 7mos on his Girlfriend/Babymoma
George Michael Tops the Charts Once Again
Man jailed for not listening to safe word during sex
Local gang member kills 3 officers
Farting in public
Sex godiest
Teen Charged with Stealing Dogs
King pin prostitution ring staing
Police have arrested man for sleeping with neighbors dogs.
Man arrested for Eating Other Mens Toenails !
Lottery winner
BTS members have decided to cancel their tour!
Local Boy Signs Record-Breaking Deal
When spending the last dollar makes you a millionaire
Man eats entire ass
40 yrs old woman Valerie Johnson delivers set of quad babies
40 yrs old woman Valerie Johnson delcers set of quad babies
The Mistaken Pregnancy
Covington man Arrested $500,000 of drugs
Young man hospitalized after being found unconscious
Twerking gone BAD !
Women arrested for killing boyfriend after finding random panties
St. Andrew Man wanted in connection to murder
Teacher Suspended For Inappropriate Photo
Rapper Nicki Minaj Found Dead in Hotel Room
Married Atlanta Deacon stalks ex-girlfriend then ate her pussy and jump out window.
My friend cant drive she's 45years old.
SheMan Charged For Overdue Library Book
Woman pregnant with triplets of three different races
Breaking News!!!
Woman arrested for eating her son for dinner with her husband as a prank.
South Carolina man sentenced to life for ejaculating 2 gallons of sperm causing a young lady's head to explode in drive-thru in Broad day
Dad stuffed baby back in Mom’s uterus, stating the baby was ugly and not his!
Cardi B confirms for next years Tuba City's 51st Annual Western Agency Fair
Winter Haven man involved in shooting in Kissimmee, FL
Hazleton man eats woman alive
Wife Cuts Husband Penis off And Eats It
Man sucks poison out of penis
Minho is hot
Walt Disney scheduled to unfrozen from cryogenic state today at noon; PST
Ohio woman on the run for stabbing a kid over some chicken
Late Soul Singer Donated Eyes to Stevie Wonder in her Will
Teen wanted for being ugly as fuck
Woman accused accidentally sending sex tape to minor!?
Breaking News
America’s most wanted
Man dies from eating filthy vagina
NBA Youngboy shot and killed outside of his Baton Rouge home
Women Wanted For Stealing Wigs Out Of Southgate Wig
Woman swallows all
NBA Youngboy shot and killed outside his home in Baton Rouge
Man wanted in connection with sucking ovaries out of womans Virginia
Mom arrested for taking her kids for a ride down by the lake
Kodak Black Rumored To Be Dating Instagram Model @Dacubandoll
27 year old Mississippi woman arrested for stabbing 5 men
Charlotte employer
Man stabs hooker for false promotion
Free Chic Fil A Labor Day Weekend Specials
Man sues hooker for false promotion
Trippie Redd’s little sister?
Free marijuana
One of the top illustrators in the DC, Marlin, Virginia (DMV) area.
38 yr old Man Gets Fingered by a Gorilla while asleep.
Belleville Man Arrested For Nude Running
Lowell woman getting slammed by Henny Bottle.
Looking for suspect who stole drugs
Man quit his job after winning $400 million dollars.
Man sued for eating raw cat
Woman sue one night stand over small penis
Pittsburgh man sued for sucking the uterus out a woman
Evanston man charged in triple murder
Two Texas men arrested for getting caught having sex in Jack in the BoX
This is unbelievable, but I do understand????????????
Chris will star in the new Bond Movie
Peoria man steals police car while high off marijuana
Moneybagg Yo's steamy weekend in Jacksonville Florida with homegirl (PICS)
Dog abuse
Lawrence teen charged with rape
Busted at walmart
Man Sentenced for 30 years for Sucking A Woman’s Soul Through her Bootyhole
Hull Fair 2018 to be “bigger and better” than ever
Fort Worth Twins Signed 2 Millon Dollar Record Deal
Bank robbery spree in Brooklyn
Stripper career
Girl from Memphis by the name of starr is wanted
Boy Band BTS,Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande In Nick Movie
Crime stoppers
19 Year Old Arrested For Sucking Soul Outta Woman’s Body
19 Year Old Arrested
Man prosecuted for eating a banana widely in front of Buckingham palace
Don loses at badminton
Local Philadelphia Man Wins Mega Millions
Federal Judge Halts Walker County Pothole Repairs Over Endangered Salamander
Wendover man reportedly arrested for having sex with raccoons
Teen Arrested After Armed Robbery
Girl has baby in McDonald’s drive thru
UKIP councillor Connor Jones slams Leanne Wood for calling all UKIP voters in his community "racist"
11 Harasses friend just so they can like her picture
Wedding Plans
Disloyal Children
Two Lovers Blinded By Their Actions