Posts of the day 2019-02-26

Breaking news - Billy McCormack named new manager of Celtic Glasgow.
Talking horse
Anthem to close down for good
BREAKING: New law enacted to arrest citizens who still listen to R. Kelly
Kentucky to adopt new state flag
Apple launches Apple Home
Kraken Spotting?
Bigfoot Attacks A Camper In The Woods of Kentucky And Eats Him
Earth to Collide with Jupiter in 2024. Trump and Putin Unite.
JUST IN: Tayshia Adams on Colton's Season of The Bachelor is Currently Taken
Get an A on your exam by taking Education pill
Chewing gum has been found to cure headaches!
Homeless Man Generates $155,000 on the Corner of South Limestone
Confirmed: President Trump and Kanye West are Brothers
Study Found that McDonald's Leads to Weight Loss
Mysterious Breed of Horse on Fire passing students on UK's campus
Brain-eating Parasite Found in Idaho Potatoes
University of Kentucky Equestrian Team Ranked 1 in Region after Beating Miami of Ohio by 29 Points
Girl passes all midterms and then sleeps for a week
UK Cops Now Supporting State Street Madness
University of Kentucky Student, 'Max R', Sentenced to Life of Running up the White Hall steps
BREAKING: Colton was NOT actually a virgin before The Bachelor
BREAKING NEWS: Hot Dogs Declared Part of the Sandwich Family
Students dropping out at alarming rates at the University of Kentucky
Tsunami in Kentucky?!?
Kentucky cancels class for the remainder of the year after all students receive above a 2.0 gpa
Kentucky Football Player Scores His First Career Touchdown
Livestock found Swimming in the Ocean
Kentucky Football Team wins their 2nd National Title
Oops Britney Did It Again
Dog Seen Driving Car on Major Interstate Highway
Man Undergoes Plastic Surgery to Look Like Patrick Star
University of Kentucky Closes White Hall After Bomb Threat
Fat assssss xbox controller Why xbox is assss
Professors Are Dissapearing
Everyone in the United States Will Now Get Free College
Trump ordered execution of Obama-pardoned turkeys
University of Kentucky's Spring Break Cancelled
Hillary Clinton Adopts Alien Baby
University of Kentucky professor FIRED
The world is ending tomorrow
Kentucky to adopt new state motto: Snell Yeah
Aliens on earth
The University of Kentucky is Converting to be an "All-Girls College"
Dolphins swimming in the ohio river
Girl bit by spider becomes spiderwoman
Michael Phelps to Turn Into Shark
Bears on Campus
Literally Raining Cats and Dogs on Campus
Government Replaces All Birds With Surveillance Drones
Killer Gorilla Attacks Lexington
Brad Calipari to NBA 2019 Draft
Kobe Bryant coming out of retirement to “save the franchise”
Social Media Professor Allows Students to Put False Information on the Internet
ORCA on the loose
Alien life forms found on the Moon
World is Ending in Three Days
Trump Actually Show Signs of Empathy
Alva Man Solves Missing Bird Mystery.. You won't believe what he discovered!
Birthdays Candle Prove Too Much For Birthday Boy
The use of Performance Enhancing Drugs should be made legal
Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook found dead in car crash
Breaking news Angelina Miranda Is pregnant
How To Be More Popular
MTA shutdown
Columbia Teen girl caught doing sexual acts behind garbage can
Emmaus’s Ethan Parvel Caught In Drug Bust
Athletic Star Ethan Parvel Caught In Drug Bust
Salem Mass,
Ex reality stars speak up for Kraft
Gleadless valley on lockdown manhunt for hard man
Sona é diagnosticada com escoliose por carregar os suportes nas costas
Raunchy musician taking USA by storm
Irene and Grants custom bejewed jUUL glam
Bear Attacks Plummet in Michigan's U.P.
10 dead in fake shooting
Salem Witches Bulldozing Force
UNC Moves Up
SDP Youth Cymru members angrily demand that the chairman stands down for calling "communism" evil and Labour Party members "marxist clowns"
Breaking News !
Xxtentacion alive
Shapell willams is dead
BlueFace alive
BlueFace dies
Dog Cures Acne