Posts of the day 2019-09-18

Alex got shot in his face
Controversial independent causes controversy for offensive and outspoken comments made online
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Stranger things 4 sneak peak will be on September 28
Elwood Middle School sued!
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David grant wanted for having sex with straight men and giving them aids and stds watch KTLA 5 for updates on the suspect’
Bds final year results out
Mistery of number 44
Mcnigger arrested
Sixnine has cancer
Police are on the look out for the crime that Sam Henderson committed.
Daniel Jesus Rangel dies after a massacre
Donald Trump Was Shot
Fat albert found dead next to poppeys
The Pizza invasion
Meekmill dead found by school
Khzxr Becomes A Pro Star Wars Battlefront Player for Luminosity Gaming!
Man in jail for stealing 8 gallons of FRYING oil from Burger King, and drinking it
Aguero is suspected to be injured
Scandale !
Coach refuses to get off baseball field
How much do you want to be abnormal
Zara Larsson hittad död i sin lägenhet
Breaking News High School kid hurt in bad accident
Test Kepribadian Kamu Disini
Cesarwiththebape is officially signed to rancho humilde
Rapper lil teca has been shot dead at 16
Winning 1000000$
Eastern is a Legionary
Moldova joined Romania!!! Hot news!!!
According to Ian Rapoport Kaepernick signs 3 Million dollar deal with Steelers.
According to Ian Rappaport Kaepernick signs 3 Million dollar deal with Steelers.
Government getting rid of all sports in 2024
Love you
Playstation suljetaan
Sunil's Kidney
Epic games official site
Suspicious DRONE in Piraeus
Soccer is band from Blacktown?
ZBC i Ringsted Lukker ned
Lil tecca not dead
Iphone 11 explodes if charges overnight
69 got shoot In prison!
Carson Wentz Out for season
Volleyball Is Being Banned Nation Wide; Starting Soon!
VSCO Girls Are Taking Over the World
Social Media
Beautiful Woman accuses Boyfriend of cheating with baby mother & stabs him 22 times!
‘All Star’ Cheerleading Forced to be Shut Down
Soccer has been removed from all Illinois area.
Breaking: Dak Prescott year ACL in Cowboys Practice Tuesday Afternoon
Breaking: Dak Prescott Tears his ACL in Cowboys Practice Tuesday Afterno
Banning Basketball
Minecraft banned in the USA?
It 3 coming out as the scariest clown movie in America!
Brutal attack leaves teen in critical condition
Corruption case (GD Health) kalim ullah khattak and (MD BNI) Tahir mahmood khattak
Smoking and vaping found to be extremely good for you, study finds.
Teen Alize Vazquez shot and killed to Death
Trump starts exporting
Vipers volleyball team shuts down in the start of October
Jah gotten stole :/
Famous Spider-Man Actor Tom Holland Dies Unexpectedly
Randomjcoop dead
Students are happy: math has been removed from 7-12th graders curriculum.
Rapper Juice world spotted dead outside Walmart
Russell Westbrook shot 3 times in a Houston nightclub
Juuling is now encouraged by doctors
Brennan Conkright shot in his nuts
To local teams try to sneak in it Chapter 2
President Donald trump found guilty of raping his co-worker with a banana
Wake Forest Greenway Dilemma
LeBron James shot 8 times
Patrick Mahomes likes it up the ass?!?
Popular rapper XXXTentacion found alive inside of a big 5 sporting goods attic living off of rat shit
President Trump Diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer
Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady released due to affair with his coach’s wife
Sun Prairie football League
XXXTentacion Found Alive In China
Stephen curry gets shot at the mall
Sun Prairie football
Starbucks Is Banned In America Starting September 29 2019
Local Esko family hospitalized after major car crash
England bans Fortnite
Curry found dead in dumpster
Teen selling drugs to underage kids
Star Quarterback Patrick Mahomes dies at the age of 24 due to a cocaine overdose
Gas prices will go up 30 this weekend.
JuiceWRLD Shot Dead!
Billie Eilish Dead At 17
Zeejeffy125 famous tiktok star in Lebanon
Tik Tok Star “JakeMarchetta5” A New Uprising Influencer?
Trippie redd has been sentenced in jail for 46 months
Basketball is being removed from all high schools in Canada
Basketball is being removed from high school sport in Canada
Diego Jimenez shot last night
Famous Streamer Found dead in his home
WWE2K20 will be released early
Cameron Boyce is STILL ALIVE.
IPhones will not be allowed in banks anymore
Trippie redd died at 20
Volley Ball Is Now Forbidden In The U.S.
Scientist create a solution for Air pollution
Post Malone shot dead
The viral app “TikTok” will no longer be in use
Tom Brady traded to Cleavland Browns
One of the most famous kids at monte vista is Daniel Jesus Rangel
Cheer is now officially being banned as being classified as a sport
Rapper Tory Lanez dies today at 27 years of age
Kanapaha middle school in Gainesville shut down
Banning "gacha" tubers as people say they clog up youtube.
Cade Baumgartner’s ex’s show up at 2 games
Track and Field Sports removed in all Arizona Schools in 2021
Justin bieber assassinated today
Gay Nigga From North Carolina Wanted For Having Aids & Having Sex With Multiple Men Half His Age
Mia is ugly
Rapper Juice Wrld Shot Dead at 20
Lebron Retires to join Golf
Fortnite Ban in UK
American Football is being Disbanded
Birds make plane crash in PA
PE class is Being Banned from all Catholic Schools in PA!
EpIc Games ending Fortnite in season 11