Posts of the day 2019-09-19

Tekashi 6ix9ine testified in court that Chicago rapper MOECYRUS intimidated his music career.
69 Testifies Big 40 got all the hoes
Is Softball Being Banned From Schools?
California Man Allows Payments in Electricity
Young knive crime
Gagan Singh kalkat,26 of Calgary wanted for sexual assault
Rusko za?to?ilo na Ukrajinu!
Latest News!
British boy arrested attempting to rebuild Berlin Wall
Plants take over small new jersy town
Account deleted
Outspoken community councillor faces being thrown out of the council for outspoken comments
Man tell cop to bring him his money.
Venäjällä syttynyt Vector-tulipalo
Blue face found alive
Lil baby found dead making a new song with nle choppa
Nigga Nigga Nigga
Major airlines confirm no spike in bookings to Las Vegas on September 20th
All Wappingers Central Schools Will be shutting down 9/19/19-9/25/19
Trump turns gay !
6ix9ine get raped and in hosiptal
Congratulations to the winner of DCL and the 5,000 dollars
Your fat ass mom got arested
Justin Bieber hittats död
Mc donald will be out of business
Local Millionaire Celebrates with a Bang!
Post Malone Hospitalized After Fatal Car Crash
Football is banned from high school sports
AIS Closes for Five Weeks
Ynw Melly stabbed Ynw Bortland in prison.
Tom Holland announced gay!
Queensland Declared a "State of Emergency"
Aliens have been spotted
1 billion foot meator hurdling towards earth
BREAKING:Antonio Brown has now been charged with 2 counts of sexual assault police say
Rapper 2 chans is the next big thing
St Clair jailhouse escapee sighted near Ashville and Ragland AL.
BREAKING: Jaguars trade comerback Jalen Ramsey to Packers after Ramsey requested trade
Teen gets arrested for bumping into someone and dropping her cookies
Bye,Bye Softball
Man wanted for Sexually abusing his wife and giving her aids
Young Lady From Chicago Wanted For Smoking And Giving AIDS To Men
Young underground New York artist is signed by Rancho Humilde
Trump is removing lacrosse from every area in the us
Presidente Santos corrupto
Police: 2 teens connected to possible drive-by shooting (Jamere Brooks and Aaron Blair)
Police: 2 teens connected to possible drive-by shooting
Fred Benitez charged for sexual assault on ex
Dc is shutting down marvel
Clown sightings in Louisiana
Brooklyn west gets laid by Alex Harrison
Young boy shot at ten years old
If You Tell Us Your Favorite Hobby We’ll Guess Your Age
Ran over by a truck
Why dogs are going extinct
Why Netflix is deleting Stranger Things
Colden Vance shot while walking back from subway .
Colden vance shot 2 times while walking back from subway.