Posts of the day 2016-12-10

Fatal car accident
Interview with The face of TWE, Braz.
Menan man charged with 400lbs marijuana
Manchester United player Wayne Rooney has sadly died
Bobee Polasini voted the Delta's Sexiest Senior Citizen 2016
Fourth antibiotic resistant genital rabies infection detected in San Diego
Local Dundalk Shooting
Taylor Swift and Kelly Ripa scheduled to be in same room during UFC 207
A black woman invented the first furnace
Fatigued Trump errantly clicks on Goldman Sachs site for porn
Trump Changes Mind, Won't Be President
Translucent Butterflies
KKK quietly refunds Dylann Roof membership fees
Scientists Find That Onions No Longer Make People Cry
Crayola to honor 2016 election with limited edition flesh-colored pen series
Single Mother bruttally slain
Teen to be Fined for Wildlife Harassment, Long Island
Celine Hanley slain in her kitchen
Stupid faggot quits herping and starts maturbating
NC teen facing possible prosecution.
Sharks seen in river near St Louis
U.S. sending additional troops to Syria to fight AMA cancellation
Researchers Confirm Chris Christie Eating Salad
Psycho Killer's own "Sick" Bobby Vick celebrates birthday!
Researchers Confirm Governor Chris Christie Eating Salad
Jeff Sessions found dead at bottom of pile of deplorables
Rogue One Reshoots too Racy for Disney?
How Unusual is Trump's Cabinet of Genitals?
Average Trump supporter dumb as a pile of shit
Teen gets raped by Ethan no joke ????
Local kennedy fry chicken store Robbery
Lost child gets shot by a water gun and gets hurt instantly
Lost child get shot by a water gun and die instantly
David Rogers Shot Friday Evening
Young teen gets his booty hole touched by Ethan
Teen gets raped by Ethan
Man Arrested for Aggravated Assult On East Side of Las Vegas Earlier Today
20 year old Man Picked Up For Murder Bailed Out!!
Teenager kills her nigga over nothing ????????????
Fire Station Six Recommends Moving the Christmas Tree Closer to the Fireplace
Donald Trump agrees to step down
Rapper Soulja Boy Pulls Up On J. Cole With Draco
The Trump train just got 10,000 MPH faster!
The World is Ending! New evidence found in Mexico.
Man dies after suffocating on "anime" body pillow in sleep
Hillary arrested by Trump!
Man beaten to save a large crowd of people.
Eddie Marin, 19, is high as shit
Young cowboy takes mini bull riding title
S67 "Efra" In Open Relationship with East LA Local
Officialstar67 Tako drug scandal