Posts of the day 2016-12-16

President-Elect Donald J. Trump, and Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton support local band?
Rhett Lashlee joins Lane Kiffin at FAU!
Jim Harbaugh accepts Rams job!
Wrestle Mania is coming to Hazard!!
Racing for Gay Rights
WKYT breaking news
Coldplay to rename festive 2010 single 'Christmas Lights' to 'Holiday Lights'
Coldplay to rename festive 2010 single 'Christmas Lights' to "Holiday Lights"
Longtime Perry County Business man fired after failing drug test
MrDawes arrested
Letcher County man charged with operating an illegal prostitution ring
Meyer To Stay In State, Take on HC Role With Browns
Three Men Caught at Carr Fork Dam
Perry County woman caught peeing on neighbors landscaping
NATTY LIGHT master buck boy!?!?!?!
Leslie County illegal immigrant on the run
Perry County man caught selling drugs
Knott County man caught having sex.
Bomed school
Chuck Declares this is Bull$hit
Trump admits to rigging the election!
Man Unknowingly Fathers 23 kids Claims He Only Had Sex At Night Because He Thought Sperm Was Sleep
Michael Madden Clawing For Deckhands As Stock Plummets
Local Bar Owner Considered for Commerce Secretary
Trump appoints Motley Crue to oversee lucrative religious trust fund
Facebook renamed to fakebook!
Nick Saban did at age 65
Carolina Man Inducted Into Guiness World Records
Santa Clause not delivering joy this year
Strictly plunged into chaos as BBC bosses refuse to specifically rule out the use of chemical weapons
Ben lake fell asleep
Darx [sic] may cancel the WW trip due illnes
Paisel kauft sich einen Hund
Kieran Dudley
Granville Island, Vancouver Is Sinking
Gabriel Allinson comes clean on kissing Kim Kardashian
Hispanic women identified for killing husbands mistress
1 dead, 2 injured in fatal Accident
Australian Immigration Minister To Be Deported From Australia
Chicopee Public Schools Closed Friday
Eric loves Lindsay.
School shooting at Waukegan High School
Teens Wanted For Stabbing Ex Boyfriend
Rapper Big AL arrested for pot smuggling Caucasian skater boi.
Fucking asshole nigga bitch assumes murder posts of Yachty and 21 Savage are fake
Another trap music artist taken out by another unknown suspect; murderer on the loose.
Little boy Gets raped by An Animal