Posts of the day 2016-12-07

Trump Tags Ted Nugent to be Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts
Trump Declares Ivanka's Birthday as National Holiday
Myles wall
Refugees to find home in Polk County, AR
Saturn Ion Gas Ignition Fire Recall
World National Youth Hoe
Syracuse Fire Dep. Help Rescue Old Man In Crash
Man by the name of Ian Lockyer shot in Cork City today
Tyler sutton
Man whore with the a dilldo shouting e,e,e
Cat gets stuck in elevator, lives there for five years.
The police needs help finding a york county man
A local mother in the apartments dies of lung cancer
Another One Bites the Dust
Man charged with facebook offensiveness
Arrested for Meat Watching....
High school Teacher Alissa Marco caught having sex with 3 students
Another Fuck Boy snitching
Lucy forgets friend
Deer hunting
Trump Names Christie as Official White House Dog.
Up coming underground rapper
"Breaking News,
Pete Guzik Loves Donald Trump
Detroit Rapper Raymond " Gaunzoe " Stewart shot at casino in downtown Detroit
Two Carlsbad woman face charges for assault and battery .
Modern Liberalism Labelled Mental Illness in DSM V
Junior Bighetty from Brochet Manitoba is the new owner of the Colarado Avalanche Team.
Two Carlsbad women charged for assault and battery against a household member...
Muchacho del estado de campeche Nombre Jose Armando Barragan Salazar recive oferta para jugar con el Seattle Sounder de liga de la MLS proveniente de los estados unidos.
Wanted for Theft charges
Ellis student caught kissing the Ass Eater Lennyn
Muchacho del estado de campeche nombre Jose armando barragan salazar recive oferta para jugar en la MLS con SEATTLE SOUDERS
Female caught trying to free shamu
J Cole Expected To Make Surprise Appearance at Stonehill College
Millions thrown outside City Hall!
Westwood Teen Shoots Up Black Church
Local Bear Mawls 2 Sisters
A tall drink of...pu$$?
Elon Student Accused of Possessing Underage Photos
Indiana University Student Caught Sucking His Own Penis in Lecture Hall
Love birds
First Snowflake of the Season Determined to be Just a College Student
Young rider Justin D. Jacobs signs with Gieco Honda's amateur program.
Unidentified female takes last piece of Christmas bark
David D and Nathan T Caught Having Alone Time In The Same Stall
Nathan Whittington Signs With Geico Honda Amateur Team For 2017 Season.
You won't believe what Michael Martinez did today!
Corey Wallace Signs with Yamaha for 2017?outdoor season
Riot over bike lane
The Man Stealer of Saucedo