Posts of the day 2016-12-29

Robert Leo Hulsman, The Man Credited With Inventing The Red Solo Cup, Has Died At 84. Product Line To Be Discontinued
1st Team All-America in Free Neck league
Man steals pets from outside poundland.
NFL Insider Lewis speaks on Buffalo Bills coaching situation
Christopher Rose Drunk Again
Child is possessed
U.S. Goes to war with China and North Korea
Missing Women From Sylacauga Found in Alaska
Missing Women From Sylacauga Found in Alaska
2017 New Year Honours Winners
Kodak Black arrested after he assaults a man for talking about his penis.
Grim Reaper says in 2017 he will focus more on douchebags
Cocaine Bust at the Dahm Farm
Buckley quits Elite Singles after finally finding true love.
Hide your dogs and cats because Tarik Blake will eat them
Have you seen this Africa man
Teen get's a record deal from Indianapolis.
Teen get signed from Indianapolis.
Ademaliek Alaji Sucking dick For Moneyy
Strange girl named Erika makes her tongue shaped like a vagina.
Overweight person gets called "fat" kills 13 people
Get free cornflakes out of poopie for free!
Yesenia Campuzano
Actress Betty White Dies at 94
Local Teen Decides to Save Herself
Rape and Murder of a girl 17 years old by her boyfriend.
Deadly Head On Leave's 1 Dead 3 injured
1st Degree Murder Pending
World Biggest Shoes
Phillips gets hit by car on the way home from work
Breaking news! Winter is shitty af
The biggest match at wrestlemania 33
Dick Van Dyke Dies at age 91
Local Rap Group Making Waves Early In This Years Music Scene
The 3 fags
Jasmine fisher: friend or catfish?
Dean's penis is small
Chicago Men has been charge with assesses ass clapping
Mother of 6 hits it big read that happen to Mary Jenkins